Harriet trying to help many more other

Harriet Tubman was brave, and independent woman.

Harriet Tubman wasn’t her real name, her birth name was minty ross. It was important for her to change her name because she was a runaway slave, trying to help many more other slaves.when her master died this is when her achievements began.

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Harriet tubman risked her life for their freedom, she was determined to help, and she was always taking care of people. Her greatest achievements of all time was helping blacks into freedom. One of first greatest achievements was helping slaves escape and go to the north.

Harriet was 28 when she made her first rescue. Harriet helped over 300 people and made 19 trips to the north from the south. Doing this took very much time and had many dangers that were all avoided by harriet even though she had up to 11 people with her. By helping slaves runaway it was a very high risk of her getting caught.

By this she was violating the fugitive slave act. Harriet tubman came up with what was called the Underground Railroad. It wasn’t a underground tunnel or none of that it was a network of secret routes and safe houses. They traveled long distances as seen in doc A.


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