Halle 1). In another example, she states: “For

Halle Pascoe
Period 4 Honors 9th Literature
August 21, 2018
Eugenia Collier, the author of the short story titled: Marigolds. It is a first person, flashback point of view. It contains her coming of age story. She uses diction and tone to create her voice and point of view. She also uses juxtaposition which to give a compare and contrast voice. Especially when she talks about the “shanty town” she lived in, to the “brilliant splash of sunny yellow against the dust” (Collier par 1). This infers that she remembers the dust, but is comparing it to a “sunny yellow” dream. These two phrases used by the author create imagery as well. The author uses the literary terms so that she can describe the full story. Her juxtaposition creates the feeling that she may live in a poorer household. She also uses flashbacks to tell her story and angle of it. For example, Collier states: “When I think of the hometown of my youth” (Collier par 1). In another example, she states: “For the most part, those are ill-defined in my memory,” (Collier par 8). These examples provide context clues that this sentence is going to be in the past.


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