Haddix The Always War was a great book

Haddix The Always War was a great book and I really loved reading it and I hope everyone else gets a chance to read it. The book takes place in four different locations throughout the entire book. The four locations are Waterford city, Eastam, Westam, and the War Zone.

The main characters are Gideon, Tessa, and Dek. Gideon is considered a war hero for what he did during the war, Tessa is just a girl that lives next door to Gideon, and Dek is just an orphan picked to be in a military academy. They go on a great adventure to stop the war.The story starts in the city auditorium of Waterford city where Gideon is about to be given a medal but, he runs away and says he doesn’t deserve it. Then Gideon flys out to enemy territory with Tessa who accidentally got on the plane and they meet Dek who also accidentally got on the plane. After that they get captured by the military of their country and then they escape. After they escaped they found the main computer and it turns out everything they new was a lie.

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The war ends up being a fake war and Tessa, Gideon, and Dek end up broadcasting the news of the fake war to Westam and Eastam. One of the themes of the story is to not believe everything you are told. When someone is telling you something you never know if they were lied too.

Another major theme is the horrors of war. Nobody wants to be in war because you have to kill and then you might be killed. So in all this story has many themes and ideas.The story ends with Tessa, Gideon, and Dek telling everyone about the fake war. I liked the way the story ended, I felt like it had the perfect ending.

I still wish the ending would have been a little more tragic. The computers were telling lies to Eastam and Westam just like the government lies to us sometimes. All in all I felt like it was an adventure reading this book and I feel like this book has a big connection to the real world.I would rate this book 9/10 in everything it was a great book. I wish there could have been more action and tragicness in this story. I hope that everyone I know gets to read this book, I think other people would like it.

My reaction after finishing the book was excitedness, I wanted peace to come back. So overall this book is one of my top ten books and I will definitely read it again.


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