H2S causes unconsciousness · concentrations as low s


·      43 facilities with h2s leaking

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·      Known for its impactful scent smells like rotten egg

·      Poisonous


·      Oil and gas refining

·      Mining

·      Tanning

·      Processing of pulp and paper

·      Rayon manufacturing

·      Starts affecting workers depending on how much they
are breathing and for how long

·      Cause of headaches or eye irritation and death

·      Soluble which means humans are able to breathe it

·      Causes lung cancer and respiratory tract inflammation

·      death

·      Chemical properties:

·       Poisonous

·      Corrosive

·       Flammable

·      being exposed to 500 parts per million causes

·      concentrations as low s 700 ppm cause death

·      toxic at low concentrations

·      environmental risks: wastewater treatment system


Identify and explain on tec….:

·      Nitrate therapy is used for hydrogen sulfide toxicity
as antidote


·      To know if H2S gas is present and at what levels it is present,
you can evaluate the exposure


Determining the source of H2S


Use of personal equipment found in your house
can help you when engineering controls are not available to help you when
trying to reduce H2S to safer levels.




Carbon monoxide (silent



·      have furnaces

·      Reduce use of cars

·      Protect forest from burning

·      Plant trees


What is it

·      Colorless

·      Odorless

·      Tasteless

·      Toxic gas



·      When CO is being inhaled, it inhabits your bloods
capacity to transport oxygen in your body.

·      Can poison you quickly if high concentrated and slowly
if low concentrated.

·      Cause headaches

·      Brain damage

·      Environment

·      Burning of trees



How it’s made:

·      Incomplete fuel combustion like gas, propane, heating
oil, coal, charcoal, wood


·      Cars left running in closed garages

·      Gas barbeques working inside the house

·      Chimneys and vents that are dirty

·      Grills that are not working properly


Chemical rxn


Carbon monoxide is delivered by
the oxidation of carbon in restricted measure of oxygen


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