Gun license, to carry guns on campus. These

control is one of the largest debates taking place in society today, and with the
number of campus shootings rising rapidly the question of firearms on campus is
added to the equation.  What is the best
way to keep students and faculty safe?  If
a student has a license to carry, follows all rules set by the campus, and take
safety precautions when carry the firearm in order to ensure the safe of
themselves and fellow students they should be permitted to have a firearm on
campus.  Guns should be permitted on
college campuses because gun free zones do not stop shootings from, gun can be
used as a form of protection to make students feel safe. and there are many
incidents in which a person carrying a gun has stopped a shooter from taking
more victims.

free zones expectation transiton

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free zones do not prevent a shooting from occurring.  In fact, with an exception of two shooting, all
the mass shootings since the 1950’s have occurred where guns are not permitted
for civilians (Lott Jr.).  Most shooters
are more likely to choose a target that they feel will give them the least amount
of retaliation. 

all states have laws regarding guns on campus, the recent rise in shootings has
cause some schools to reevaluate these policies. As of April 2017, five states
allow students, faculty, and visitors, who have a license to have a license, to
carry guns on campus. These states include Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas,
Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Minnesota allows only
visitors to carry firearms on campus.  California,
Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska,
Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North
Dakota, South Carolina and Wyoming have strict policies against any
firearms on campuses, excluding those used by security or the police.  The remaining twenty-three states leave to
decision up to the individual colleges. Many campuses restrict the area in
which firearms are aloud to the living quarter of the student. Other campuses
allow firearms to be carried everywhere except into the classroom, and some
campuses even allow campus carry at sporting events. (Ewing)

the safety of campuses is being questioned, and colleges are weighing the
options, some students feel allowing guns on campus would make them feel safe. Taylor
Woolrich, a former beauty contestant and waitress in California, is fighting for
campus carry at her college because she wants to be able to defend herself if
attacked by her stacker. Taylor met her stacker while waitressing in
California. The man would repeatedly show up to Taylor’s work to see her and
later began stalking her outside of work. An emergency restraining order was
issued. After moving to New Hampshire to study at Dartmouth, Taylor was
surprised to receive me message from her stalker on link-in.  The stacker is now in jail, after being
arrested when he showed up at Taylor’s home when she was visiting her parents.
Police found a rape kit in his car.  The
stalkers initial sentence is almost over and is now awaiting trial for
additional charges.  With fear that her
talker will be released back into the world Taylor is fighting for her right to
protect herself.  Taylor stated, “I carry mace, I’ve considered a Taser, I’ve
considered many options. Whatever he’s going to do, it’s going to be worse than
the possibility of him grabbing my gun and turning it on me.”  Unfortunately, Taylor is not the first
student to experience something like this. She is also not the only student
that voiced feeling safer if campus carry was permitted.  When
used correctly guns are used a form of protection, and this form protection
should not be restricted to any citizen gust because they are attending college.
While people on the opposing end of campus carry believe that the activities
taking place on college campuses can lead to dangerous situations, firearms can
also help student feel more safe, allowing them to concentrate and learn more.


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