GUJARAT recognition app” has been carried out

GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYChandkheda, AhmedabadAffiliatedVADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING-177807620051022251452880A Report on”Email voice recognition app”Under subject ofDESIGN ENGINEERING – 2AB.E III, Semester – 5COMPUTER ENGINEERINGSubmitted by:Team Id: 15286 Academic year(2017-2018) Sir No. Name Enrollment No. 1. Ronak Barochiya 160800107006 2.

Bhatt Pratik 160800107009 3. Mihir Darji 160800107016 Prof. Dhaval Patel Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod (Faculty Guide) (Head Of Department) VADODARA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING COMPUTER ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT21450301356360 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Project entitled “Email voice recognition app” has been carried out by Ronak Barochiya(160800107006),Pratik Bhatt(160800107009) and Mihir Darji(160800107016) under my guidance in fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering 5th Semester of Gujarat Technological University, Ahmadabad during the academic year 2017-18.

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Prof. Dhaval Patel Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod (Faculty Guide) (Head Of partment) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt is always a pleasure to remind the experts in the engineering workshop for their sincere guidance which I received to hold my practical as well as theoretical skills in engineering.I am thankful to our H.O.D, Prof. Ajaysinh Rathod and our regarding all faculties for giving me anOpportunity to enhance my skills as an engineer by allowing us to join this esteemed organization as training.I would also like to thank Our Internal Guide Prof.

Dhaval Patel who helped us in getting our project. It gives me immense pleasure in expressing our deep sense of gratitude whom our successfully complete our project in their department.I also thankful our all supporting faculty will help to create 3rd year, DESIGN ENGINEERING project by sharing their knowledge. They helped us in all possible ways to solve our doubts regarding application and implementation of knowledge. It has been a great experience to work under their supervision as always kept my moral high.Finally, I apologize all other unnamed who helped me in various ways to have a safe and good training. ABSTRACT “Email voice recognition app”We have seen that the inception of Internet has dramatically revolutionized many fields. Internet has made life of people so easy that people today have access to any information they want sitting at their home.

One of the main fields that Internet has revolutionized is communication. And talking about communication over Internet, the first thing that comes in our mind is E-mail. E-mails are considered to be the most reliable way of communication over Internet, for sending or receiving some important information.

But there is a special criteria for humans to access the Internet and the criteria is you must be able to see. You must be thinking that what sort of criteria is this, every one with eyes can see. But there are also specially abled people in our society who are not gifted with what you have. Yes there are some visually challenged people or blind people who can not see things and thus can not Use the computer screen or keyboard. The only way by which a that kind of person can send an E-mail is, they have to dictate the entire content of the mail to a third person and then the third person will compose the mail and send on the behalf of the visually impaired person. But this is not a correct way to deal with this problem. It is very less likely that every time a visually challenged person can find someone for help. Although for these reasons the specially abled people are criticized by our society.

INDEX Title Page no.1. INTRODUCTION 12. AEIOU CANVAS2.1 Activities2.2 Users2.3 Environment2.

4 Interaction2.5 Objects23. EMPATHY MAPPING3.1 Users3.

2 Stackholder3.3 Activities3.4 Story Boarding44. IDEATION CANVAS4.1 People4.2 Situation/Context/Location4.

3 Props/Possible Solutions4.4 Activities65. MIND MAPPING CANVAS 86. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT6.1 Purpose6.2 People6.3 Product Experience6.

4 Product Functions6.5 Product Features6.6 Components6.7 Customer Revalidation6.8 Reject/Redesign/Retain 97.8.9.


PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CANVAS 107.LEARNING NEEDS MATRIX 116. PROTOTYPE MODEL 12 Introduction to domain/project Email voice recognition app:As the name suggests, the application will be a web-based application for Blind persons to interact with Email, thus enabling everyone to control their mail accounts using their voice only and to be able to read, send, and perform all the other useful tasks. The system will prompt the user with voice commands to perform certain action and the user will respond to the same. The main benefit of this system is that the use of keyboard is completely Eliminated, the user will have to respond through voice and mouse click only.2. A-E-I-O-U Canvas ActivitiesInstallingSing upUser operatingEmail Read,Write,SendVoice to Text ConversionEnvironmentComputerMobile and TabletsInternet connection2.3 InteractionStudent TeacherTouristWorkerDriverSenior CitizenObjectsMobile PhoneLaptopInternetAndroid Application UserStudent TeacherTouristWorkerDriverBlind Citizen-2961640-1685925 Fig.

1: AEIOU canvas3. EMPATHY CANVAS3.1 UserStudent TeacherWorkerDriverBlind Person StakeholderDeveloperDBADesignerAdvertizer ActivitiesInstallingSign upRegistrationUser Operating Story Boarding Fig.2.2: Story BoardingFig.2.1 : Empathy Mapping Canvas4.

Ideation Canvas 4.1 PeopleStudent TeacherDoctorDriverBlind Person4.2 ActivitiesInstallingSing upUser operatingEmail Read,Write,Send4.3 Situation /Context /Location HomeOffice CollegeUniversity Props /Possible SolutionsApplicationVerificationVoice Recorder/MicrophoneSending/Receiving DeviceFig.3: Ideation canvas 5. Mind Mapping CanvasFig.4: Mind Mapping Canvas 6.

Product Development CanvasDescribes: – Production canvas is the over view of the product we are making. In this we will start building a structure of our product around the need of the users. It is a strategic product planning tool that allows us to quickly capture, describes, and pivot our product strategy on a single page.6.1 Product featuresEasy to WriteCustomer satisfactionUser friendlyVoice to text Conversion6.2 PeopleStudentsDevelopersDesignersTourist 6.3 Product ExperienceFast internet connectionSimple Interface6.

4 Customer validation.Security validationClient validationFuture validation6.5 Components.MobileLaptopWifiInternetComputerTablet6.

6 Reject, Redesign, RetainHigh internet speed requiredCancellation cost highFast InterfaceEasy to interface Privacy6.7 PurposeFaster AccessUser friendlyCustomer SatisfactionEasy interface6.8 Product FunctionVoice to Text TranslationEmail Sending Though VoiceFaster AccessFig.5:Product Development Canvas7. Learning Needs MatrixDescribes:-Learning Needs Matrix help us to identify the learning requirements at an early stage along with prioritization of specific learning along with defined time allocation for each learning priority. Fig.6: Learning Needs Matrix8. PROTOTYPE Fig 7: Prototype9.

ConclusionIt has been matter of immense pleasure, honor and challenge to have this opportunity to take up this project and complete this successfully while developing this project We have learnt a lot about hotel management .We have also learnt How to make it User-friendly(Easy to Use and handle)by hiding complicated part of it from user .During The development process We studied carefully and understood the criteria for making an application more demanding .we also released the importance of maintaining a minimal margin for error. At the last, The main benefit of this system is that the use of keyboard is completely eliminated, the user will have to respond through voice and mouse click only.



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