Growth tourism arrival numbers and tourism receipts. By

Growthin Asia PacificAccording to United Nations World TourismOrganisation (UNWTO, 2017), the fastest growing region for tourism isAsia-Pacific.

The region showed strength in international tourism arrivalnumbers and tourism receipts. By 2030, UNWTO forecasted a staggering 535million arrivals in the region annually.  AboutRajah & Tann AsiaOne of Asia’s leading law firm, Rajah& Tann is dedicated to providing high quality legal counsel and delivering exceptionalservice standards. Our league of 600 over brilliant lawyers, each aprofessional and an expert in his own right, shares collective access to the skillsand expertise of our diverse scopes of practice – Banking & Finance,Capital Markets, Commercial Litigation, Competition & Antitrust and Trade, CorporateCommercial, Corporate Real Estate, Employment & Benefits, Energy , Financial Institutions, Fraud, Asset Recovery & Investigation, Hospitality,Intellectual Property, International Arbitration, Mergers & Acquisitions,Real Estate, Restructuring & Insolvency, and Shipping & InternationalTrade. Hospitality& Real Estate ExpertiseIn ensuring that you take every step forwardwith confidence, we help to craft agreements, negotiations and arbitrations forhotel, resort, condominium, timeshare and fractional ownership. With regionalknow-hows and strategic expertise from our team of lawyers, we bring youvaluable and relevant insights on legal matters you care about – hotel development,management, acquisition, restructuring, joint ventures and litigation.  WhyUsWith over 10 teams across 10 countries inAsia, we give you home advantage.

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We understand Asia in its unique and variedperspectives. Wherever we do business, we speak their language, we understand theirlocal context, we are well-connected, and we are grounded in the community. Werecognise the local norms and the international standards, providing seamlesslegal counsel in highly complex regional and cross-border transactions. Your ultimatelegal guide in Asia.  AccoladesRecognised as the leading real estate firmin Asia Pacific by The Legal 500, we represent hotel owners, developers andoperators and are committed to delivering exceptional service whenever andwherever we are.

Professional and effective (Asia Pacific Legal 500, 2015 andInternational Financial Law Review, 2015), Rajah & Tann advocates TowardsA Stronger FutureAt Rajah & Tann, we believe ininnovative thinking while staying relevant to sustain our growth and developinga strong foothold in Asia. Enrolled in a Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP)launched by the Singapore Academy of Law (Straits Times, 2018), we are dedicatedto transforming Singapore’s legal scene into a dynamic, tech-powered andinnovation-driven industry.  We are lawyers who know Asia. This is ourhome ground, our advantage.


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