Good table tennis and chess competitions as well

Good morning respected Ms Sinha, teachers and my dear schoolmates.For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rishabh Shah of grade 8B… and for those who do know me, I guess y’all are the lucky ones! I stand up here this morning because I’m running for the Vivekananda House vice-Captain for the year 2018. Now that everyone knows my name, we know what name to vote for.

Firstly, I would like to thank the school for giving me this great opportunity. This chance to prove that I can be a leader and to show my leadership skills. I realize that it is a privilege to have this honour, but I am confident that I will work hard to be the effective leader you would be proud of. This being my 10th year in school, I’ve always tried to engage in almost all school activities, competitions be it inter house as well as inter school. I’ve participated in numerous school events throughout these years such as Inter-House football, basketball, table tennis and chess competitions as well as Street plays and singing competitions.

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I have also represented the school at various events especially in the field of athletics, chess and football. At each of these events, besides having given my best I have also pursued my fellow schoolmates to display good sportsmanship and make our participation a proud moment for our school.To me, the role of a Vice-Captain is more than just a badge, a title or popularity, but it is a unique chance to positively make Vivekananda House the BEST. I’m standing for Vivekananda House vice-Captain so that I can encourage all Vivekananda House fellow students and represent my house in the best way possible to make Vivekananda house the BEST.

With this firm conviction and belief I request all of you for your support and to please vote for me as your Vivekananda House vice-Captain and show your confidence and trust in me.Thank you for listening to and remember; I’m not perfect, but together we can be perfect.


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