Good successfully enhance recognition of viewers. Meanwhile,

Good morning everyone. I am Wendy Chong from Flavour Glamour and I’m here to introduce you to my advertising campaign. Foods and services are the very essence of a tuck shop.

Our company name Flavour Glamour reflects these fundamental ideals. ? Flavour is the quality of taste, making readers imagine our delicious products. ? Glamour, trendiness and fashion, captures the attention of our target audience, the teens that form our students. The rhythmic effect of Flavour with Glamour can also successfully enhance recognition of viewers. Meanwhile, animated snacks form our logo as seen. ? Bright colours create visual effects in the minds of viewers, illustrating that our tuck shop offers a wide variety of foods.

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? The salver dish surrounded by green leaves connotes that our products are healthy and natural, mitigating the image of the stereotypical unhealthy tuck shops. ? The spokescharacters in SPCC uniform are raising their hands, making the logo appear fun and exciting. Our company can hence be easily recognized, effectively attracting viewers.”Taste what you fancy by trying our delicacy”.

Why are our food considered delicacies, you may ask? Our slogan stresses on how tasty our food are, implying that people love them so much that they consider it delicacies. ? The straightforward manner of the slogan advertises our confidence, drawing viewers’ attention by displaying how much we care about their preferences. ? Furthermore, the rhyming pair of “fancy” and “delicacy” creates a strong memorable impression with a melodic rhythm. By spreading positive images of our tuck shop, our slogan is extremely effective in motivating our viewers.Elements like bright colours, shapes and pictures on our print advertisement captivate readers and fascinate them. ? With our main customers being students, our copy shows our caring consideration for them as they might get hungry after tedious lessons.

? The inviting question “Hungry?” evokes their thoughts while “stop everything and start chewing” persuades them stop by to purchase snacks relaxingly. Our copy is simple, yet it successfully sends a clear convincing message. Detailed information is provided by this small paragraph.

Weasel words like “best” and “care” offers a positive emotional appeal. ? By claiming that we care for the health of students, viewers consider our food as healthy, hand-made and of high quality. This heart-warming feeling attracts customers. ? The repetition of the word “best” conveys the message that our food is superior to that of competitors and viewers will be convinced that they’re purchasing the very best products from us.? Last but not least, our tagline enhances the credibility of our tuck shop with the words “internationally” and “quality”. With these effective elements embedded, I’m sure our advertising campaign can easily attract customers and I hope it has successfully appealed to you all today.

Thank you.


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