Good teachers and students in any way

Good Morning/Afternoon….

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Aaron Jacob and I am running for the Junior School Prefect 2019. Firstly, I would like to thank the school for giving me this great opportunity. This chance to prove I can be a great leader and to show all of you that I have great leadership skills. I realise that it is a privilege to have the honour, but I am confident that I will be a suitable candidate. I promise to work hard to be the effective leader that you would be proud of in the school. I know I can be a great leader because I treat this school the same way I treat myself and my family; with dignity, respect and pride.

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I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities. I strongly believe that I’m respectful, a good listener and trustworthy and I also believe that all these qualities are very important to be a leader. Now, I can’t promise things like soft drinks in the bubblers or having a free dress day every day, or anything like that. But I can promise that I will try my best to organise fun things like handball competitions,


I'm Gerard!

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