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Good morning/afternoon fellow students, thank you all for being here. Firstly I would like to wish a huge good luck to my fellow candidates. My name is Rachel Friebe and I am currently in grade 11. I am here today to discuss the many reasons why I want to become part of a strong leadership team, to work with like-minded people, and apply my aspirations and skills to the position of School Captain.

First, just briefly let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Durban Town; South Africa, and I moved here just over 11 years ago with my Mom, Dad and younger sister. I absolutely love music; playing the piano and singing, just anyway to express my passion through music. During my primary school years, I was involved in many leadership teams and roles in which have helped me to improve my confidence and leadership skills up to this day.

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Personally, I believe since starting at PPSHS, I have acquired various important life skills and experience in numerous activities implemented by the school and through all fields of my learning. I believe I have great confidence and public speaking skills, communicating respectively with other students and my peers around me. Other skills I have acquired over the years that can be applied to this position are my sense of resilience; being able to accept failure and create a positive outcome from it. I love meeting new people, working corruptively with others, creating and sharing new ideas. As of this year, I have been heavily involved in a Northern Colligate leadership team, participating in fundraising and organising activities for Headspace to raise further awareness for mental health. Alongside Northern Colligate I had the chance to be involved in the Australian Business Week, and was elected as CEO to run and organise a business with my team, as well as being elected as CEO to host the Senior Morning tea awards for Business. Each experience has given me the ability to improve my confidence, learn new ways to involve everyone’s ideas, know when to take initiative in challenging situations and has enabled me to learn productive forms of leading a group.

If elected School Captain, I would strive to apply the school values and ensure students are incorporating them into their everyday learning. I would work inclusively with students, teachers, and staff whilst encouraging a variety of partnerships with the community, to help support each student with their learning, ideas and opportunities. I would work towards more community actitives, fundraisers, and ideas for the students to be involved in and can benefit from them, making their time at PPSHS memorable and enjoyable.


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