Globalization with loved ones and they give

Globalization has completely changed us through the developments of technology.

.Technology has turned into a fundamental piece of our everyday lives. These days, technology is viewed as a fundamental need and goes about as an essential channel of correspondence, for example, cell phone. The utilization of technology has brought down dynamic social life and has turned into a habit as a huge number of individuals particularly the adolescent today, have wound up dependent on innovation like cell phones, with various technology advancement and application and the coordinated elements of cell phones, there is almost certainly that cell phones is a vast piece of social life in in a modern time. Firstly, technology has discovered their way into pretty much every part of our lives, and by and large, they make things less demanding for us. Technology enable individuals to work from home associate with loved ones and they give an ever-welcome pressure help from school or work.

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Be that as it may, individuals far and wide have turned out to be progressively reliant on the technology. Users of internet are backing off their relationship building process. The most exceedingly bad thing technology is doing to us is making us less social and disregard the most imperative type of collaboration between human. According to Ling (2000), technology has on a very basic level influenced our general public, openness, wellbeing, security and coordination of social and business activities.

Advances in technology have taken into account the quick trade of data crosswise over across geographical boundaries and times zones.? Secondly, by being on the social status, the real issue exists in up close and personal social existence of gatherings are being idle because of simple working of communication technology and its open highlights in only a single click. Accordingly, one disservice suggests to constrained genuine individuals situated cooperation which can have different impacts. The present technology is an inescapable apparatus.

It has turned out to be such an essential part of people everyday life that it has moved from being an insignificant ‘technological object’ to a key ‘social object’ (Matthews, 2004). The people also get hooked on online games, blogs, online social networking, chat rooms and more. They can spend hours and hours, engrossed in the “online life”.

Some people even getting up in the middle of the night to check it. Modern society has become so obsessed with technology that it becomes the ultimate goal of their activity. People are unhappy, so they look to technology to make them happy. Lastly, communicating through technology creates a barrier between people that isn’t there when speaking face to face. Some may find it easier to be rude and aggressive. Insulting or threatening messages from anonymous commenters are par for the course for anybody who regularly publishes online content.

This happens because technology keeps us from having to see the reaction of the person on the receiving end of the message, making it harder to empathize with him. According to Larry Rosen a professor in psychology said “Technology is distracting us from our real world relationships.” I agree with his statement as from personal experience. I feel that I’ve become more likely to talk to someone out of necessity, which is a sad truth. As conclusion, it is true that modern technology has blessed us with advanced communication technology tools.

All these technology have simplified the way we communicate and the way we work. Although this can be beneficial, it may also lead to a vicious cycle of stress, harm to human and brings danger in society if we use it excessively.


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