Global historians for years. Globalization has had

Global Citizen Someone who sees themselves as part of anemerging sustainable world community is a known as a global citizen. These members’ actions support the values and the practices of theircommunity.   Everyone today can identify with being global citizensas more of their lives become globalized.  Being a globalized citizen doesnot imply that one is to give up their identities or their citizenship,allegiance, religious or ethnic group.  In being a global citizen, itmeans that your identity has another layer added to who you are.

  Commerce  In a commerce transaction there are two roles; a seller and a buyer.  Each role has its own agenda, where they both want to cooperate tofind an acceptable solution that is agreed upon. In each of the roles there area set of beliefs and expectations about the purpose and the agenda in atransaction.  There are also beliefs and expectations about the othersroles.

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 According to     Economic globalization of the U.S businessand consumer culture as the campaign of white American business people thatshape the world’s economy and market cultures into images of their own has beenthe examination of historians for years.         Globalization has had alarge impact on the employment and economic life of the black community. Deindustrialization is on aspect of a global economic restructuring that hasresulted from new productive, information, communication, and computertechnologies (Cross, 2008).  Appraisal  African Americans were bought to thiscountry as slaves.  The purpose of our existence in this country was not to be treated equally, but to labor and build.  We were to develop this country but were not to be privileged to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Through the years and despite our efforts, we as a people have never been considered good or worthyenough for fair and just treatment. The African American society has alwaysbeen held to an unmeasurable standard.  But through all adversity, the African American society hasshown an impeccable amount of courage and strength to overcome.  For the African American society, being a part of this country wewere not given the ability to exercise the same rights as “WhiteAmerica”.  In the development of the new and emerging county, African Americans have been slighted to be able to be free citizens and maintain theessential parts of our culture.  In the very country that we built, ourefforts were treated with many disregards and our allies seemed to not existbut our enemies were prevalent as they were the very same persons who we builtthis country for.   Although there have been dramatic developments, manyeconomic and the characteristic of demographics for the African Americans atthe end of the nineteenth century weren’t much different than what they hadbeen during the mid-1800’s.

 According toMaloney, “the nineteenth century was a time of radicaltransformation in the political and legal status of African Americans. Blackswere freed from slavery and began to enjoy greater rights as citizens (thoughfull recognition of their rights remained a long way off) (Maloney, 2002).”   A number of scholars have speculated thatracial discrimination plays a role in the decisions regarding where new plants(and new jobs) are placed by foreign investors (David et al, 2006). In the 1940’s African Americans who had education thatwas less than college level, worked predominately in factories.  Whenthese jobs became outsourced and the loss of manufacturing jobs were lessen,the African American society, felt undermined of their opportunities foremployment.   According to Johnson Jr.

, Burthey III,and Ghrom, the successful history of African American entrepreneurs havedemonstrated time and time again the uncanny ability to turn adversity intoopportunity in dealing with internal challenges as well as the external threats(Johnson Jr., Burthey III, and Ghrom, 2008).  Discrimination and racism has always been a complexproblem in the African American society.  This racism and discriminationcannot be described into certain categories as it has different complicationsand lasting effects.



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