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Totalitarianism systems are different, they are similar in the way they impose authority, lack constitutional guarantees and restrict participation. Totalitarian System In a Totalitarian system, individuals govern without the support of the people, tightly control people’s lives, and do not tolerate opposing viewpoints (Wild & Wild, 2014). Theocratic Totalitarianism and Secular Totalitarianism represent the most common utilized Totalitarian Political Systems. In a Theocratic system, the countrys religious leaders are also its political leaders (Wild & Wild, 2014). It is popular in the Middle Eastern in countries such asSaudi Arabia and Afghanistan. In a Secular system, political leaders rely on military and bureaucratic power.

It takes three forms: communist, tribal, and right-wing. Theocratic Totalitarianism The Theocratic system focuses on controlling the entire population. They place a significant emphasis on controlling their citizen’s public and private lives. They legally exercise this authority citing their religious basis. F-or example, in Afghanistan, women must wear a long veil (Burqa), which covers them from head to toe (Rawa, 2015). Deviating from cultural norms and rules are punishable by law and sometimes has dire consequences.In theocracies, the minority is either non-existent or live in fear and seclusion.

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Secular Totalitarianism Secular Totalitarianism is based on the concept that the affairs of this world are the most important concerns of human life and ethics. Therefore, the government or ruling party establishes regulations that are beneficial to their party, without the consideration of others within the population. For example, in China the government specifically determines what they learn at school, watch on TV, even the number of children they are allowed (BBC, 2012).A system such as this is fixated on control and does not tolerate expressing iscontent or challenging its authority.

Business in a Totalitarian Country Doing business in a Totalitarian Country can be a risky proposition (Wild & Wild, 2014). The regulations are vague or nonexistent, and the people in powerful government positions can interpret the laws largely as they please (Wild & Wild, 2014). Many businesses have used the undeveloped government’s structure to their advantage to establish itself within the market. They are subjected to fewer regulations and have more freedom to execute their full spectrum of operations.However, this avenue is common or corruption and subjection to bribery. A recent example of a senior government official who required condoned this practice as acceptable is Zhou Yongkany China’s domestic security chief. The domestic security chief is responsible for law-and-order policy, which is the equivalent of the United States Chief Justice of the Supreme Court position.

Although Mr. Zhou Yongkang was one of the most powerful public figures in China, he was convicted of abusing his power and accepting bribes. In some countries, the leader is the authority over the political, social, cultural, and economics of the entire country.The chances of political risks such as conflict, violence and property seizure, widespread use of terrorism, mass surveillance, torture and restrictions on speech are very common (Samski, 2011). Therefore, you should first understand the ideology and mindset of the leader.

Any actions that are viewed which favor the people and contradicts the viewpoint of the leader being governed might face strong opposition from the leaders. Conclusion Politics and Culture are closely related. In a Totalitarian system, the citizens are responsible for abiding by the established rule of the land, regardless of their view.

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