Glaxosmithkline the sessions by actually experiencing it

Glaxosmithklineconsiders that training and development as important factors which are vital withinthe company. They provides their employees with different types of training anddevelopment programs depending on their capabilities. This not only improvesthe organisation’s performance but also helps employees increase theirknowledge and develop their potential. According to a document prepared byAshish Batra in India, most ofGSK training and development plans are prepared for apprentices once a yearaccording to their standard. After finishing apprenticeship, employees’sperformance are evaluated and it is decided who will be rewarded.    In GSK, the “instructor-led training” is preferredthe most. While this type of training is conducted, apprentices trulyexperience the sessions by real situations with the mentors even in groups oras individuals.

It is very helpful because all sessions are always recorded andthe courses’s streaming are uploaded on the main web of the company for everyonewho missed or wants to revise the sessions more than one time. There is an mostimportant part is the evaluation can be done at the same time while thesessions are being conducted, everyone can identify their own strengths andweaknesses, which can help the instructor create more sessions to accomplish theperfection of their strengths and improve their weaknesses.      Thesecond type of training is “On-the-job” which is also one of the techniquesmostly used for training programs. According to website, working withthe managers regularly will help employees achieve their potential. Approximately70% of company’s learning and development is attained through on-the-jobexperiences.

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In this type of training, the beginners will do the sessions byactually experiencing it by themselves as the company thinks that it is betterfor understudy employees who just joined the company because they directly learnand work with or under current experienced employees


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