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Glacier lakes are a type of lake formed by glacially excavated depressions (ie ice cirque) and icy dams that block the accumulation of water in glacier troughs .

The altitude of the glacial lakes is generally higher, while the lakes are smaller, and most of them are small lakes with exits.Formation causeGlacial lake is glacial digging pits etched into water and glacial moraine clogging water trough formed by a Class lake .1. Glaciers flow slowly in the valley2. When the glaciers are flowing, the flowing terrain is eroded and eroded in various ways.

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The glaciers advance on its own orbit and leave some lakes in the surrounding area.3, the glacier flow also carries a lot of sediment and gravel, these sand.The stone will gradually pile up.4. Glacier deposits can block rivers or glaciers themselves, forming ice depositsEvolution of lakes from glaciersWhen the glaciers occupy the former river valleys or valleys, the glaciers continue to erode and abrade the bed and valley walls, and the slope rocks on both sides of the strait are broken by cold and weathering, and collapse and fall back, so that the original valleys are transformed into cross sections.

It has a parabolic shape and is commonly known as the U-shaped ice trough. The morphological characteristics of the ice trough valley are strictly controlled by lithology, structure and climatic environment. On the one hand: when the climate is cold and the amount of precipitation is large, large-scale valley glaciers are formed, and the ice trough valley is wide. Since then, the glacial activity of the secondary ice age and the non-ice period has been lower than once, and the width of the ice trough valley has also been reduced accordingly. On the other hand; if there is a difference in depth of cutting in the valley before ice or a difference in lithology in the longitudinal direction, the longitudinal section of the glacier valley is terraced, and the hard rock forms a ” ice “, and the “ice” becomes the rock of the waterfall splashing in the area.

Under the “ice”, there is an ice-eroded basin. The water in the ice-eroded basin becomes an ice-etched lake, or it can be a geological formation of glaciers to form an ice-water barrier lake


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