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The Nile river flooded annually and posited black silt in the land, providing places to grow crops in its fertile del TA once the flooding receded. These crops allowed agricultural business to grow, attract d merchants and buyers of goods, and inspired irrigation systems (Rolling, 2010).

Part B The chariot is an example of the diffusion process over Europe and the near E cast. The chariot was invented by the Compassionateness people who lived in what is now Europe e near the borders of Russia and Astrakhan. It was a natural evolution of the wagons and carts t hat had been used for some time.The chariot was transmitted to Egypt by the Hooks who came room Western Asia and conquered Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period in the 18th century SEC.

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The Hooks brought the chariot to Egypt along with tools and weapons and used t hem in order to gain control. The Egyptians replicated the chariot in ways that suited their nee ads and terrain. They made improvements to the design and strengthened the structures lealer dad in place.

BY 1400 BC, the Egyptian monarchy had several thousand chariots at his disposal and used them in combat and for transportation (Dunn, 2013).Part C The expansion of the United States of America was influenced by two major vents. First the Gold Rush changed the state of California from a sparsely populated region to a major part of the united States. Beginning in 1849, people came from the eastern and central u united states as well as other countries all over the globe to claim their share of the fortune found in San Francisco. This influx of people increased the population tenfold over the course of just a few years. Californians population was less than 20,000 in 1 846 and had risen to over 200 ,OHO by the end of the sass.

California saw great economic growth during this period as the pop ululation of gold miners had to be supported by businesses providing clothing, food, drink, an d entertainment among other things. Communities sprung up and the city of San Francisco be came the only major port in the far west of the United States. The sudden growth of the Regis on was the impetus behind the U. S. Government’s decision to make California the first state in the far west, despite only having been a territory for three years (The California Historical Society, 2 001). The second event that influenced the expansion of the United States was the Dust Bowl.

The vents of the dust bowl began during the Great Depression in 1 931 when the Midwest grassy plains area went into drought for nearly a decade. The situation was aggravate deed by wind storms that blew away the topsoil that had been over farmed in the previous years. A s a result, Congress passed the Soil Conservation Act of 1935 which protected land from being far med in unsustainable ways. There were also several emergency programs that were used to help the starving people of the Dust Bowl, for example cattle were bought and destroy deed which helped farmers stave Off starvation. 2. Lions farmers from the Dust Bowl region mi grated to the Pacific states where they were unwelcome, struggled, and were unemployed.

This worsened the Great Depression and put more pressure on the New Deal legislations. When the next drought hit the plains in the 1 sass, it was not nearly as disastrous. The government had b ought a lot of land and resold it to keep the soil and water in place. Many farmers were still using the methods of soil conservation that they had learned in the 1 9305.

And farmers turned to u underground sources of water to keep their crops alive (Burns, 2012).

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