Gifted Hands By Ben Carson essay

Introduction Dry. Ben Carson I chose this book because I some of my friends had read it and they told me how good it was. I knew a little bit about it and hoped that it would give me some insight on how hard work, and Gods help can pay off. In our society today people take many things for granted, so I hoped that after reading this book my views would change. Characters Ben Carson is the main character and the narrator.

He and his brother Curtis had a hard life growing up. Their father left when they were young, and they were raised primarily by their mother.At first he struggles with school and learning, but despite his background he grew to success in college years and even more so later in his life. Sonny Carson is Ben’s mother to whom this book is dedicated to. She had only a third grade level education, but was very intelligent and quick to grasp things. She is the source of Ben and Curtis’ strength as she was always pushing them to do their best and never give up.

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She was hardworking and determinate and sacrificed her life so that her children would have a good one. Candy Carson is Ben’s wife.She is highly intelligent with a triple major at Yale and a position in the Yale Symphony. For the latter part of Ben’s life she is his encouragement and source of determination. Miranda Francisco is the young girl who was the first stepping stone to Dry.

Carbon’s neurological infamy. She had constant seizures since she was 18 months old. After her parent had tried talking to a number of different doctors and using multiple prescribed medicines, they came to Dry. Carson. He performed his first hemispherical, removing one half of her brain, for the first time.It was an outstanding success.

The Binder Twins are who made Ben Carson most well known in the medical field. They are two Siamese twins, meaning they are joined at the head. These are extremely rare births, but Siamese twins usually die at birth or shortly after. His amazingly successful surgery of separating the twins was what gave him renowned credit in the medical field of neurosurgery. Us Mary Ben and his older brother Curtis grew up in a poverty stricken Detroit. When he was only eight years old, his father left their family, forcing his mother Sonny to raise them on her own.

Despite her low level education their mother is very intelligent and determined. She works three jobs at a time and instills in her sons the value and importance of an education. Ben struggles with school early in the book. Not only with some of his studies, but also with the demands of peer pressure. He stresses to his mother the importance of being “cool” in his school. He also has trouble with a bad temper. His quick to anger temper Often results to violence that he quickly regrets.

Later, he follows his brother’s footsteps and joins the ROTC in the tenth grade.He has quickly learned the value of hard work and determination that his mother has tried to instill in him. With this, he quickly rises through the ranks, reaching second lieutenant in only three semesters of school, when most cadets never made it that far. Shortly after he begins to look at college choices and after watching the College Bowl one night, he decides that he wants to attend Yale University.

He is accepted in less than a month, with an additional ninety percent academic scholarship. He worked a number of jobs during his college time, as he explains that none always worried him.However, his mother had always taught him to trust that God would provide, and he did. It is soon later that he meets Lacuna Rusting (Candy). She is a lower clansman, but after meeting at a freshman reception for new students, they become friends.

After spending a large amount of time together, they begin to date. Carson doesn’t go into much detail about this part of his life, but they later get married and have three children. Years later, Ben Carson becomes a successful doctor working a John Hopkins Medical Institution.After a number Of unsure and Scary operations, he becomes confident in his field of pediatric neurosurgery. However, one case in particular gives him struggle and fear. Siamese twins are an extremely rare case to encounter.

Sadly most die at birth or shortly after. Theresa Binder gave birth to Siamese twins after a long period of contemplating abortion. Through the pain she could not bear to hurt them.

Dry. Carson takes on the unimaginable task of separating the twins. After a twenty two hour surgery Dry.Carson successfully finishes the operation, which as an amazing feat for the time, earning renowned praise in the medical field of pediatric neurosurgery Conclusion I loved this book through and through. It was very well written, save for a few parts that were rather slow.

The author does a good job of explaining all of the medical terminology, so I was not as confused as if he hadn’t. The most interesting part, in my opinion, was the separating of the twins. I think that it shows how wondrously God can work to help those who need it. I got out of it exactly what I wanted. ;fifed Hands Ben Carson Jonathan Kink 5/18/15

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