Gifted Hand: Ben Carson essay

The story begin when young Ben Carson got humiliated in front of his class because of he did not get any point on the test. A few moment later young Carson got himself into trouble again by punching his classmate in the face because of he bullying him. When his mother knows about his school grade is the worse in the school, she decide to encourage him and his brother with believe and motivation. When Mrs..

Carson came home from work, she saw his children’s are watching television instead Of doing schools work, she was rigorous and she told them study more or go to the library on their free time and write a report on what they read to her. The next morning Carson and his brother Curtis went to library and write a report to their mother but every time when their ask to her mother about what they don’t understand, she always said that she need a glass, that mean that she didn’t have any education but she has full of heart to help her children success in the future.

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A few year later, he won the certificate for the student with the highest academic achievements eight grade. During high school year, He is mad at his mom because he need new cloths and his mom couldn’t afford it and they had little argument between the two which even involved Ben Carson lifting the hammer toward his mother. In 1 969 he attend at Yale University and get an A in the final exam and he become neurosurgeon at the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. In 1987 Ben Carson become the first successfully separated conjoined twins.

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