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You will then prepare for and engage in group discussions to explore this comparison further. Before you start the activity, you might want to review The Metamorphosis, keeping the following questions in mind: What are the themes of the story? Which theme did you think was the most important in the story? What conflicts drive the plot, and how are they resolved? How does the protagonist change as the story progresses? How do the other characters change?Directions and Analysis Task 1: Preparing for the Group Discussion In this task, you will compare the situation faced by Gregory Same, the protagonist of Kava’s The Metamorphosis, with a real-life situation in which money has experienced comparable isolation and difficult personal, moral, and social experiences. In The Metamorphosis, Gregory Same transforms suddenly, without any apparent reason, into a large insect. His transformation ends his ability to express his thoughts in words, and his family eventually stops viewing him as a family member.Gregory is isolated from the world outside his room and home.

Though Gregory transformation is absurd and physically impossible, the story explores the consequences of that transformation in a realistic and understandable manner, emphasizing the effects of his isolation. A. Select a real-life situation in which a person may face difficult isolation, as Gregory does after turning into an insect. You may choose a situation from the list below, or use a different one different one if your teacher agrees on your choice. Psychological conditions: dementia, schizophrenia, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder physical conditions: paralysis or severe injury; going blind or becoming deaf; facing an addiction 0 2014 DEMENTED, INC. Social conditions: being wrongly convicted of a serious crime; moving to a place where some attribute of the person makes others around the person view IM or her with contempt or suspicion Record the condition you chose to compare with Gorge’s.Type your response here: Gregory faces isolation after he transforms into an insect as his family is terrified of even looking at Gregory in his new appearance, and as his family gained the burden of having him around, Gregory decided to distance himself from his family so they would not have to be any more burdened than they already are, and he waits for the day his life comes to an end knowing he cannot help his family no longer. As a depressed person, the victim tends to experience social withdrawals as they may beOverwhelmed with their problem, they drive themselves away from family and friends.

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The depressed person does this so they do not bring anyone else down with them, such as Gregory does because he does not want the family to worry about him no longer. Even though the depressed person may want to communicate with others, they figure they shouldn’t because they may feel they say the same things over and over again. In Gorge’s case, he cannot communicate because the family does not understand what he is trying to say, nor does his family want to partake in any of his ordeals.

. Engage in research to better understand the condition you selected. You might want to consult these resources about conducting effective research: Starting Research Evaluating Sources Evaluating as You Read Locate at least three quality sources. Note what you learned through research about the situation you chose. Remember to list the sources you consulted.

Type your response here: Through research, I learned as to why depressed people choose to isolate themselves from a discussion board online with people who are facing depression responding to the question. Earned that many may feel toxic to others, burdening, and do not want to affect the people around them in any way. In modern days, people may choose to disconnect themselves from reality and spend all their time virtually, as a way to replace all relationships. The fear of being ridiculed and embarrassed for speaking up prevents them to communicate to others normally. As isolation sets in, thoughts of despair fill the mind only letting depression to keep spiraling down, and eventually they began to think that the world will be better off without them and thoughts of death set in additionally. Why Do Depressed People Isolate Themselves? ” Forums at Psych Central IRS. Web. 9 July 2015.


2 “Social Isolation: A Modern Plague. ” Psychology Today. Web. 9 July 2015. < https:// wvwu. psych ologytod ay . co m/blog/th e-depression-cure/200907 / social- isolation-modernplague>.

“Social Isolation: A Modern Plague. ” Psychology Today. Web. 9 July 2015.

psychologytoday. om/blog/the- depression-cure/200907/social-isolation-modernplague>. C. Use your own knowledge and what you gather from your research to compare and contrast the situation you chose with Gregory Samba’s transformation. Create a one-page outline with the major points of comparison. Your outline should include answers to the questions below. You will use the outline you create here to participate in the group discussion in task 2. What kind of difficulties is the person in this situation likely to face?What psychological and emotional experiences might someone in this situation undergo? Which of those experiences relate to Gorge’s experience? What themes in The Metamorphosis are relevant to the experiences of someone in the situation you chose? How are those experiences similar to Gorge’s experiences after his transformation? How are they different? How are the social interactions of a person in this situation similar to the interactions between Gregory and the other characters in The Metamorphosis? Type or copy and paste the outline here: l.

Introduction Paragraph A.Description of depression – Difficulties faced, psychological, and emotional experiences 1 A person dealing with depression is likely to face difficulties of communicating with those around them, partaking in any events or activities, over thinking failure, negative thoughts, and turning to substance abuse whether it be drugs, alcohol, or solace in food. 2.

Psychologically and emotionally, people experience depressed moods, loose interest in things once loved, feelings of worthlessness, changes in appetite, no energy, and isolation as they withdrawal from regular activities and relationships. II. Similarities to Gregory B.Gregory is also shown to face experiences shared such as depressive moods, as he sits around all day waiting for a change to happen that never occurs and waits for his death to come, no longer partaking in normal activities, as Gregory becomes an insect he can no longer provide for his family, over thinking as Gregory sits and over thinks all day of a plan to roved for his family, changes in appetite, because he is an insect now he does not find pleasure in milk and bread as he once did as a human, loss of energy, as when Greet comes in his room he eventually does not scurry to hide but sits and stares out the window, and isolation, as he tries to stay away from his family because he feels like a burden to them. 3 Ill.

How themes are relevant to depression A.These following themes are relevant to depression and similar to Gregory: betrayal, such as Gregory was betrayed by his own family, betrayal can be a key reason as to why a person becomes depressed, being betrayed by the only people loved is devastating and the pain becomes unbearable, isolation, as Gregory is unable to give his own voice to his thoughts and desires, a depressed person drives themselves away from all their relationships because they do not want to bring down other people with them, persecution, as Gorge’s family is not understanding and sees him as a monster and does not see him as a family member, a depressed person is afraid of persecution from any Of the actions they do, so they fall into isolation. B.These themes are different as in betrayal, Gregory faced betrayal after his ramification into an insect; however, a depressed person most likely will face betrayal before they become depressed as they do not handle it properly, isolation, isolation differs as Gorge’s family does not speak to him because they view him as a monster; however, in depression, one chooses to isolate themselves as they are afraid of being ridiculed by others and do not want to bring others down with them, and lastly persecution differs in depression as Gregory family choose to persecute him but in depression the person is fearful of persecution so they drive themselves away from socializing. ‘V.

Similarities of social interaction A.The social interactions of a depressed person compared to the interactions Of Gregory are remarkably the same. These two individuals remove themselves from their everyday lives with the people around them, as they both face difficulties of communicating what they feel to others, over think of what they possibly did wrong, or what they should do to fix their situation. In result, having those two individuals feeling disconnected from reality as they both seclude themselves. Task 2: Group Discussion For this task, you’ll work as part of a group of three or four participants who an meet together for a face-to-face discussion.

Your teacher will identify a process for this task that fits your learning situation.If you’re working primarily on your own in this course with no on-site classmates (self-paced course) the process will be different than if you are learning with at least two other students on the same schedule (group-paced course). The processes to follow in those two cases are outlined below. Group-paced course Your teacher will organize groups or allow you and other students to self- organize. Read the Discussion Guidelines for how to conduct, facilitate, or articulate constructively in a discussion with your peers. In the discussion session, members will take turns presenting their reflections and then discussing each member’s reflections with the group. Each member in the group should present the real-life situation he or she chose to compare with Gorge’s and discuss how it relates to The Metamorphosis.

This brief presentation should last between two and five minutes. 4 o All group members take notes about relevant and important points that other students present. O After each student presents, the students should engage in a five minute roof discussion where they consider the presenters points and relate their own thoughts to those presented. A member other than the presenter should act as a facilitator. (In these discussions, you should ask questions about any points you don’t understand. Your aim should not be to argue about the validity of others’ points, but to explore others’ viewpoints and ideas.

After all the individual presentations and the discussions following those, the entire group engages in a closing discussion that is approximately 15 minutes in length. The goal of the discussion is to gather opposing viewpoints and additional perspectives to help refine your viewpoint and build a deeper understanding of how the story relates to real-life and difficult situations faced by people. The point is not to prove yourself correct or argue with others in the group, but to engage in a rich discussion and integrate others’ ideas. You should take notes on what is discussed throughout this group discussion.

The discussions should be fair, democratic, and orderly. Each member Of the group should have an opportunity to express their views; all members should actively contribute to the discussion.Group members would show respect for others’ views and make their points politely. To ensure a polite discussion, students may want to decide between various speaking formats: students raise their hand and wait to be called on before chiming in; students pass around an object that allows them to speak; the discussion moves clockwise around the room, allowing everyone to share their views in order. Self-paced course You will find at least two people to participate in this discussion with you. They could be classmates from other courses, friends, siblings, or others. They should be roughly your age, if possible, so you can have a thoughtful concussion with peers.

You will set a time and place for the discussion and share the Discussion Guidelines for them to read prior to the discussion. You will be the only presenter for this discussion. You will also play the role of facilitator. You will present your reflections and then discuss them with your group. Your invited group members are only required to be active, thinking participants.

Except for reading through the Discussion Guidelines ahead of time, they do not have to prepare for the discussion beforehand or do any follow-up afterwards. Since you will be presenting and facilitating urine the discussion, you may want to ask one of the participants to take brief notes for you on key points that come up during the discussion. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes presenting and discussing your reflections with the group. Post-Discussion Tasks: After either discussion format, complete the following tasks. A.

Record the names of the discussion participants below. If you organized the discussion, record how you know each person and summarize how you chose and invited the participants and how you organized the time and place for the discussion. 5 Type your response here: Two of my cousins named Andrea and Sessile, chose these participants because they are close to me and we know catheter very well. I organized the time and place to be at my house, since my cousins are always there. B.Using the notes you took during the discussion, write a brief overview (between one and two pages) that addresses the following questions: What were the main reflections that you presented in your individual presentation? What questions did the other group members ask, and how did you respond? How were your views influenced by the points presented and questions raised by others in the group? Did any of the other participants change your understanding of the topic you discussed? What was discussed that changed your initial response? If your viewpoint did not change because Of the discussion, State why it did not. Evaluate the group discussion in general.

Was it efficient, enlightening, and useful? Type your response here: Main reflections presented in my individual presentation relate to depression.How depressed people experience depression emotionally and psychologically, how the experiences relate to Gregory, how the themes in The Metamorphosis are similar to the experiences a depressed person faces and owe those experiences are similar to Gregory, how those experiences are different, and how the social interactions of a depressed person are similar to Gorge’s and other characters. Questions asked by group members are: What sources did you find this information from? Various sources were used from the internet to support these statements from articles written by doctors and website forums with people dealing with actual depression. Did Gregory know those changes were going to occur? No, Gregory did not know any changes would happen since he changed into a bug so suddenly overnight with no explanations told. Did Gregory freak out after he woke up as an insect? Yes, he did freak out, he first thought it was a dream and tried to make himself wake up, but as he continuously tried, he could not and he knew it was reality. Why does Gregory feel like a burden? He feels like a burden because he can no longer provide for his family and feels like he is preventing the family from moving on.

In what way do they see him as a monster? They see him as a monster because he is a giant insect now. Mentholated my thoughts towards Gregory being a monster because of large size as an insect; however, while I read the story I felt that Gregory was tot a monster only because the author gave an insight to Gorge’s thoughts and feelings. My cousin Andrea and discussed the size of Gregory once turned into an insect, which changed our perspective of what he really was. Other thoughts contemplated with Sessile were on the topic of depression as she stated her opinion that depression is not knowing what you want and not knowing where you’re going.

This influenced me to think in Gregory perspective if he knew what he was going to do as an insect, and if he knew where he was going. This 6 changed my viewpoint of where Gregory stands because in the story, Gregory s seen to be over thinking of what he should do, but does not do it.

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