Gathered information will help me plan instruction that is meaningful to my students. Recognizing cultural differences will allow me to create a safe learning environment while being mindful of the diversity in my classroom. For the content area, I will incorporate diversity through the assignments and tasks we will work on. Through text, group conversations, and whole class conversations students can learn from each other to expand and build on prior knowledge. I want to teach students how to interact with new situations that will prepare them for the real world. It is important that students learn how to communicate and collaborate with peers, two things they will have to do throughout the years.
For the health considerations, I will keep in mind the different needs of my students. If it’s from having students sit closer to the front because of visual impairments or get easily distracted. I will also keep track of my students’ health issues to support them. I want to be prepared for any health issue that can occur in my classroom, my students’ safety is extremely important. So, for any health consideration, I can incorporate a modification or accommodation for my students to help them succeed and not fall behind.


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