Gang Violence Affects essay

About 46% of students who go to public schools are expected to be in a street gang. Large street gangs employ violence to control and expand drug distribution activities. Gangs engage in numerous acts Of criminal activities; such as, assault, burglary, drive-by shootings, extortion, homicides, identification fraud, money laundering, prostitution, robbery, and weapon and drug trafficking. Gang violence in Chicago is caused by drill music and gangs; results in families losing lives and decrease in human population; and can be solved by more police forces.

Gang violence is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization. Also street gangs is when someone is claiming control over territory in a community and engaging in violent acts. Today’s gang violence affects the communities because everyone wants to be wealthy. The only way for them to be wealthy is by gang violence. In today’s society children are so involved in gang violence because of their surroundings. It influenced children with the drugs, guns, and drill music.

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Drill music is a hip-hop submerge that originated from young, out side Chicago rappers and producers. Drill music is the one of the reasons why Chicago violence is emerging so rapidly. Drill music defined by its gritty and violent lyrics. Some of the rappers talk about the crimes they’ve committed in their lives and its Influencing the youth. The youth think ifs okay for them to do the same thing as the drill rappers are doing, so they commit the crimes to. Rappers like King Ill Jay, Katie Got Bands, Ill Herb, Randomization, and Chief Kef are consider drill rappers.

All of them rappers rap about is killing people, drugs, money, and guns. As long as their music keep hitting the internet it will keep influencing teenagers on violence. Youth is littered with videos of young men and women rapping about violence. After Chief Kef got signed to Intercrop records from making violent music. That’s when other drill rappers began to appear out of nowhere and make violent music too. In most of their videos they are flashing guns, gang signs, and money. Gangs is another reason why violence is emerging so rapidly in the cities Of Chicago.

Gangs influence the youth because they see how much money their getting and all the females they are having. So now all they want to do is rep a gang to become wealthier and that’s how so many people are being killed and slaughtered. Also gangs is caused by low-quality and emotionally unavailable family leadership. Most people who are in gangs have only a single parent at home. Also people are gangs is to get back at each other or they don’t like a certain person so they get with someone and kill the person they don’t like. People be in gangs to get money or to be famous.

Some people don’t have a choice but to be In a gang. Families losing lives of relatives are effected a lot by gangs and drill music cause it stops them from seeing their loved ones forever. By them losing their close one lives they are going to want to retaliate and go back looking for the person that killed their close one. Children who experience family, community, and media violence may display negative types of behavior. That’s because they are going to be traumatized of what they saw. Certain changes may be observed in children who have witnessed or been victims of violence.

It would mostly effect children in the families because they will see that they don’t see the same person they’ve been seeing every day. A decrease in human population is another effect On gang violence because as long as their keep killing each other it will keep being a decrease in human population. If their keep being violence and no one is trying to stop it humans will later be distinct. There’s already a short population on humans in the cities of Chicago. If ten people is getting killed every day from violence their soon will be no humans.

Gang violence have the most effect on the decrease on human population because of all the killing. The human population is so huge that it can reduce to a small amount. If someone have been to more funerals then they’ve been to weddings that’s a shame. The solution to this problem is to provide physical, mental, and emotional support. This support should come from non-offending family members, caretakers, and teachers because it keeps them from knowing what’s right from wrong. It encourages children to communicate with others so they can stay out of trouble.

They can talk about how their experience have been solved by a parent, therapist, or mental health consultant may express themselves primarily in their play or drawings. Also you can limit their use of television watching or have them come in the house two hours before curfew. The media can be a powerful tool for prevention of gang violence, but only if it is used with close adult supervision. What children see becomes part of their inner world. The parents can spend time talking or reading to the child on what not to do. You can protect the child from exposure to violence by being on their back nonstop.

Whenever possible, you can eliminate physical confrontations or arguing in the presence someone. Give someone positive experiences and emotional support. For example, talk with someone when they are upset, or give a hug for reassurance. In conclusion, sure we have trials and we put people in jail or prison. That does not end the effects what violence has done to us. People that have been victimized will always have some form of lasting effect. Meaning that there will always be a memory somewhere. Whether it is just they are more cautious to a wide range of physical, mental and emotional problems.

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