Game to the growth of your child and

Game is one of the most famous technologies to our industry right now. Developers can get so many advantages, for example Destinity. Destiny has already cracked analysts’ expectations for first-week sales with a 500 million dollars launch. From this, we can conclude that game industry is on the greatest industry. But now, gaming could make parents worry about their child.

Game addiction is a bad addict and can probably cause the child a lot of problem including the studies of a child. This condition make anxious for some side.Computer game addiction generally refers to an excessive, destructive amount of playing computer games.

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Rather than appealing in the genuine world, an addicted user devotes the greater part of his or her time to gaming. The addicted gamer often isolates him/herself from other, ignores more essential responsibilities, and is often obsessed with obtaining higher status / rankings / achievements in his/her favorite computer game. Focus on to the growth of your child and do not revealed them much to technology gaming, it could be the reason of their addiction whey they started inserting tons of time playing games.

It will deprive the focus of the child to the goals that you wanted for them as a parent.


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