Fuzzy Logic is a investigative control system

Fuzzy Logic is a investigative control system method thatcontributes to performance in systems. It covers almost everyelectronic circuit, very large computer networks, processautomation to household gadgets. It can be used veryeffectively to develop a better hardware and softwarecombination. Fuzzy logic provides us the flexibility to jumpto an unambiguous result to a blurred input.

Its approachenables us to emboss human like thinking which is in certaincases based upon a blurred input; onto a machine. Whiledesigning a control system, controller selection and tuning ofits parameters must be taken into account. Because of FuzzyPID control it is now possible to design a control systemwhich is capable of taking decisions faster and certain basedon blurred input, just like Humans. In this Paper, acomparison of fuzzy PID controller and Conventional PIDcontroller is done for the most complete case of RoboticApplications.

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The Fuzzy-PID performance is summarized interms of its input and output variables, which allows us toanalyse the Fuzzy-PID response and to compare it with theConventional PID. The tuning has been tested using MatlabSimulation


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