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From the years 1095-1291 known as the medieval period, multiple crusades erupted in  Europe. The crusades emerged due to western Christians trying to recapture the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from Muslim Legions. Followers of the Christian and Muslim faiths had very negative interactions. The western armies spilt the blood of both non-Christian and Muslim victims showing them no mercy.

The two cultures clashed, leaving them in a long lasting war. The clash between both cultures resulted in negative relations between them, leaving a long lasting affect. There were various Crusades, but they originally began when Christians began claiming that their land was stolen. The first Crusade began when Pope Urban II called for the Byzantines to get rid of the Seljuk Turks that captured the holy lands.

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Because they believed their land was stolen, it left the Christians upset, thus leading to various military campaigns, or crusades. There were various explanations as to why so many Christians engaged in the Crusades. The two most popular reasons as to why so many participated were for economic and religious reasons. Most peasants, lords, knights, kings, wives and even children went on Crusades because the Pope claimed that God told the him that it is alright to kill or even better, rewarded to kill anyone that does not believe in god which was unfortunately, mainly Muslims.

Sadly, the Crusaders did not know that the Pope had actually made it up so that Christians could once again take over Jerusalem. Throughout the Crusades the economy grew due to the mass amounts of expansion that occured during them. Due to Europe’s development, a desire for a spread of trade grew. Mainly merchants and a few others from the middle classes wanted to increase trade with the Muslims, but it was one of the only positive interactions between both cultures.Many city states began to grow interested in trading and seemed to participate in it as well. Even though there was a small amount of positivity between both cultures, it did not last.

Throughout the Crusades Muslims were treated horribly by the Christians. The Crusaders were considered unethical, bloody and violently uncontrollable. The extensive massacre of Muslims and other non-Christians produced negative relations between them, leaving a long lasting affect. To this day, Muslims still talk about the vicious military expeditions that occured. Although it was the Muslims that dealt with harsh treatment, Christians believe that it was the Muslims that were the supposed “bad guys”. There was definitely a long lasting effect that impacted our societal views and opinions today.

It was not only Muslim forces in the Holy Land that were attacked, but all people that were not Christian were seen as enemies of the Christian faith.Throughout each Crusade, the crusaders were violent and pitiless, leaving behind a blood bath. While traveling across Europe, Crusaders would kill what they considered, “God’s enemies”. Thousands of innocent people, from toddlers to elders, were burned and slaughtered.

Not only did they murder, but Crusaders began to capture Muslim women as well. Mosque’s were converted to churches forcefully.  Muslim bodies were found cut open to hold hidden treasure, while others were cut up to eat.

Over 100,00 Muslims were killed, that does not include the other innocent people that were in the way of the Crusades.Due to the various cruel interactions between both Christian and Muslim cultures during the Crusades, there was a negative outcome. There were mass amounts of bloodshed and violence which impacted both cultures so poorly that to this day it is discussed by both. The war between them left a long lasting effect that has not yet seemed to go away.


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