FROM: visual communication and problem- solving using

FROM: ARUSH JAINDATE: JANUARY20,2018          Pre-Writing Informative Report on Graphic DesigningTOPIC: GRAPHIC DESIGNINGSUBJECT: INFORMATION ABOUT GRAPHIC DESIGNING1.0 INTRODUCTION:Graphic designing is the art and science of planning and projecting ideas with visual communication and problem- solving using one or more of typography, photography and illusions. A good graphic designer possesses strong interpersonal and marketing skills, in addition to an eye for details and strong knowledge of electronic media packages.

 1.1PURPOSE:Graphic designing is a mixture of two things visual communication with a purpose which involves drawing, illustration, lettering, branding, photography to solve a specific problem with the use of design principles. The purpose of informative report on graphic designing is to provide knowledge and inform readers about the better image quality for the pictures posted on brochures, printed cards, newspapers, magazines using various technologies, software, computer languages.

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2.0 AUDIENCE:·         Primary audience: Rachelle Taylor·         Secondary audience: IT Professionals·         Tertiary audience: Bloggers, News, Media outletsThe primary audience of informative report is Rachelle Taylor, Effective Written Communication course instructor at The University of Winnipeg PACE’s Strategic Marketing and PR program. I researched Rachelle to determine some background that would guide my report information. And I found that she was inspired by the power of online story telling to create epic experiences offline and became Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing instructor. Also, she gives yoga lessons at Yoga Public in downtown Winnipeg. As a Digital Marketing instructor, knowledge about graphic designing will also help her in launching more events and brands using some sort of image, video, graphics, animation as these both industries are co-related to each other.

3.0 ELEMENTS OF GRPAHICS:        i.            SIGNS: A letter, a logo etc.      ii.            WRITING: Text in books, newspapers, on posters, in advertisements etc.    iii.

            GRPAHIC: A map, an illustration, a diagram.    iv.            PICTURE: A photograph, or a detail.      v.            BACKGROUND: The background, the surrounding to be included in the design even if it is merely white.4.0 PHASES OF DESIGNING: The first and most critical phase of designing one many often skip of is concept development. It is extremely important to make strategic decision rather just going with what looks good at that time.

After that, we explore creativity to put out our ideas in the form of pictures, color, typography and layout which includes different types of design including logo, digital publishing, animation with the usage of software used in graphic designing. 4.1 STEPS:ü  Briefing the project with your client.ü  Define the problemü  Researching client’s requirement.ü  Brainstorming on the message.ü  Choose the best solution.

ü  Build the design.ü  Presenting and refining the work.ü  Put design into production.5.0 ROLES AND STRATEGIES IN GRAPHICS: Existing problems and ongoing challenges Current benefits and successes to be leveraged Unmet client/customer needs Changing client/customer behaviors and attitudes Emerging ideas and trends Opportunities to differentiate1.      LANGUAGES: Html, Xhtml, CSS, Dhtml, Javascript.

2.      SOFTWARE: Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamviewer, Corel Draw.3.

     ROLES: Art Director, Creative Director, Drafter (Architecture and Engineering), Film and Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Industrial/Product Designer, Marketing Manager, Multimedia Artist/Animator, Technical Writer, Web Designer.6.0 REFERENCES:1. Understanding Design Strategy-  Terry Lee Stone february22,20132. AIGA the professional association for design –  Juliette Cezzar     October05,2017            


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