From are paid less money than white employees.

From the New York Fire Department, seven African-American employees complained how a continuous pattern of racial discrimination has caused them to be paid less than white employees.

The lawsuit, found a similar complaint last year by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The lawsuit explains how the percentage of African-American employees in emergency medical related jobs should get more money than in lower-paying jobs. However, this was violated to the African-Americans by giving them less money than lower-paying jobs. Even though white and black people have the same job, the lawsuit expressed how African-Americans are paid less money than white employees.

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The lawsuit explains how it is harder for African-Americans to advance in their position in the Fire Department. The senior positions are held by white employees where black employees are rarely promoted above the head appointee. The lawsuit is asking for a monitor to check the wages of the African-American employees to increase their representation. Mr. Mehri explains how people should be over discrimination after decades of treating black people unfairly. Francis X.

Gribbon explains how they should adjust the ways of their Fire Department to create equality between the white and black employees. In 2007, a lawsuit explained how there was to be slight discrimination in the minority group of the African-Americans working in the Fire Department. Finally, the Fire Department took steps to attempt to create equality among the employees. In 2014, the city resolved the discrimination within the Fire Department and stated that more than 60 percent of the firefighters were minorities, specifically African-Americans. However, some of the black employees still claim that they have been treated unfairly. The lawsuit again asked the courts to acknowledge the black employee minority group which was said that violated the law due to discrimination.

Lastly, the Fire Department recognized the black employees and expanded the department by increasing some of the white employees for equality. Along with this article is an African-American man mistakenly accused and put under arrest because of the color of his skin. The black man, Ronald Lanier, was a retired officer from New York when two white police officers had physically and verbally abused him for a crime he hadn’t committed. Lanier was shopping in a supermarket when officers grabbed him without warning. The police from Garden City explained that they were searching for a shoplifter who was fleeing the supermarket. At Lanier’s press conference later that week, he claims that the police officers laughed at him and still put him in handcuffs.

Lanier who was now in tears cries how he had never felt so abused and treated like a slave. Lanier’s attorney, Fred Brewington, strongly believed racial discrimination had been aimed towards Lanier by the white police officers. Brewington explains how the police didn’t have an accurate description of who they were searching for. Also, he claims that they didn’t have the right to find the first black person they saw and accuse that person of shoplifting. Lanier expresses how he spent 20 minutes in their car before he was released without an apology or explanation. Lanier who had once worked for Long Island’s Nassau County explains how they were going to file a lawsuit against the Garden City police. Lanier expresses that the two white police officers should be punished for their actions and hand over their badges.

Racial discrimination has affected the lives of many people who consist of different races. This shouldn’t represent how our life has to be based on the color of our skin. Although racial discrimination was a major problem in our past, people should learn about these mistakes and why they’re wrong. People need to realize that we can’t change the past, but we can make the future a better outcome. Racism has been one of those topics where I highly disagree how people are treating others because of their race. White, Asian, African-American, or any other race shouldn’t determine how our lives need to be lived. The color of our skin shouldn’t be the reason why we can’t work in a certain area of business or why we are accused of a crime. These articles are wrong altogether for judging these African-Americans because white people believe they don’t deserve to be equal.

Different races is also what makes each person unique and special in their own way. The diversity in races has affected our past greatly, and this shouldn’t be affecting our future. Our generation and more to come should recognize that judging someone based on the color of their skin is foolish and should not be what defines us.


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