Friendship real life which I have lots

           Friendship is somewhat we must not take for granted, however a good and true friend can offer a support and tender as well either through simply companionship or listening ears which can ease our grief. Also, having a friend may offer us a incredibly helpful and eloquent advice when problems occur and exist. Another valuable aspect is that we can rely on them to lift our spirits.

Correspondingly, the laughter is one of the big roles and a big part of friendship that defeat the dreary life of ones lives. Thus, these matters are vital to everyone in general. Furthermore, we can’t say or even deny that all our friends are legitimate constant to us. Perhaps most of us had a friend that we can say it adequately consistent to deliberative that he or she is our constantly genuine ones.           Similarly, in my real life which I have lots of friends, but there is one who comes first in my mind and heart if we utter about a true friend. Her name is Jezza Pearl.

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Jezza is my closest friend, she is a decent person. She is smart, especially in the subject of science and English, in fact, believed me or not, most of the time she’s one of my grammar checker. Additionally, she is not that tall and precisely I’m taller than her and she has short straight black hair. In terms of clothing, she doesn’t like to wear fitted blouse and shirts because I truly don’t know why she is entirely conscious of her body shape which well enough for me and for the eyes of others. Also, she doesn’t like to wear fitted pants because she feels uncomfortable and conscious of her chubby legs.

By nature Jezza is introvert person who does not attain easy to talk to another person. But still she’s gregarious and fragile. Her substantial dream is to become a professional doctor in the future and I undoubtedly believe that one day she’ll reach her goal. Moreover, in terms of what a friend she is to mine Jezza is a friend who you like, enjoy, favor, and prefer being with. She will accompany me to the point at which I feel out of place and lonesome, which I also feel her sincerity.

Between us, there are no timid and shy in general. Together we like to go somewhere and explore new things. And even currently were not classmates, we still used to talk before she enter the class and before I go home yet its unexpected and accidentally as well that we are in one room, nor the same room but different schedule which my class is morning and opposed to her.           Consequently, these propositions signify that friendship is one of the precious things in this world that must be cherished though we should always value it. Nevertheless, they are our support systems in every situation which we can build another chapter in our life, memories and reminiscences.

In conclusion, friendship is a huge part of one’s life and something also be treasured.


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