Freudian’s form of bonding with Nina. This would

Freudian’s theory of personality is the one that come to me when analyzing her mother. The theory states that adult personality emerges as a composite of early childhood experiences, based on how these experiences are consciously and unconsciously processed within human developmental stages, and how these experiences shape the personality. (Authors, 2014)Not everyone successfully completes this stage which helps to shape the person in their future self. Failure in this may require them getting psychoanalysis to solve the underlying problem which would assist them in functioning normally. Freud believed that most humans experienced some form of suffering during childhood development, and as a result he place emphasis on the five stages of psychosexual development.

Erica is undoubtedly a bad mother, she is neglectful and outright abusive; sexually even more possibly. She is a mother who has regrets who because she failed in becoming a recognized dancer became envious of her own daughter’s success, and tried desperately to live through her daughter in hope of feeling some sense of accomplishment. She doesn’t allow her daughter to have a separate life from hers; this is termed in psychology as “enmeshment”, which is evident in her uncharacterized unboundaried form of bonding with Nina.

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This would be the indicator that indicates that she herself suffered some form of traumatic experiences as a child. She see Nina as a reflection of herself and uses her as a means to meet her own needs, in summary Nina existed to meet her needs. She violates Nina’s privacy and boundaries which never really seemed to exist at all, by barging in on her in the bathroom and at one point insisting that she get undressed in front of her.

She also infantilize Nina by tucking her in bed at night and brushing her hair, this would all seem as normal behavior if it weren’t for the fact that Nina wasn’t a child and that all this was delivered in much sexualized manner. It is with these actions that Erica exhibited that lead me to think that the experiences that she encountered as a child which were filtered through the mind and the structures as well as inherent conflicts that came about as a result is what is responsible for shaping her into the kind of mother that she was to her own daughter. As stated by Freud, each level serves some form of purpose in the development of the personality, and underlines the fact that within this theory, the ability of a person to resolve internal conflicts at each specified stage of their development is what ultimately determines how they cope, as well as their ability to properly function as adults.

(Authors, 2014)


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