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Every living thing crates garbage, humans above all create by far the greatest quantities of it as well as the most biologically and environmentally hazardous garbage. Which brings me to the whole reason that I chose waste management. Waste management.

What is it, some may ask, ???why should I care about what a few dry old men want to do with my trash????To start with by definition waste management is ???the treatment of substances which have no economic use and may be harmful to the environment???-Oxford Australian dictionary. Secondly the reason that waste management is important is that without it diseases may break loose through poor hygiene, pollution and possible extinction of some species would definitely be major issues that would need to be addressed. So as you can see there is a fair amount more to waste management than just making our community cleaner.

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I chose the topic of waste management because it is becoming a serious issue here in the Blue Mountains. I feel that waste management is an important and integral part of our society and therefore needs to be acknowledged as one of the few things that may help to preserve the beauty and splendor of the Blue Mountains for future generations. As well as the fact that the Blue Mountains is now a part of the world heritage list and therefore it is our responsibility to our global community to keep it well preserved using all techniques possible.Segregation shall deprive anyone of either ‘due process

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