Frasier Business Negotiation essay

Moreover, the license fee of NBC paid is more than other network. To Paramount, though it could find another partnership, but it also would face with risks from audiences confusion. In the “Frasier” negotiation, there are three major parties: NBC, Paramount, CBS. NBC had calculated that it would have to pay under $5 million per episode in order to make a profit on the show. NBC wants to come true its break-even or limit loss for “Frasier” renewal contract n the next three years, at the same time, NBC won’t want to see “Frasier” switching to other networks who might be stronger competitors.Paramount seemed to be demanding $8 million per episode-?an enormous increase over the current deal. Paramount felt uncomfortable for “Frasier” time slot moving by NBC, and within long time cooperation, Paramount wants to see “Frasier market value and influence in the Media Industry without NBC, if Cab’s break even license fee would be about $3 million, dollars in the door to Victim were going to be greater from NBC than from CBS.

CBS, who is bought byVictim in 1 998, has advantage to negotiate with Paramount by their same network place, but they also would make the relationship more complex because CBS and Paramount shared a corporate parent in Victim. In any case, CBS won’t refuse an offer of an available great show. These three parties will influence the negotiation process and its outcome. If the “Frasier negotiation would not accomplish to everybody interests, everybody embarrassed, Graff risked having a frustrated Paramount present him with their Last Offer, a take-it-or-leave-it deal that would then allow Paramount to aka the show to CBS and possibly fuel a bidding war.Nab’s best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATAAN) is paying under $5 million for renewal contract while Paramount BAT AN is achieve $8 million per episode. Our team’s best estimate of their respective reservation price is $5.

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5 million per episode. Our team thought there is a zone of possible agreement (ZAP), that NBC move “Frasier” to Thursday gum to recall regular viewers, then fill the loss from time slot moving.

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