Forests information about tropical deforestation and analyze the

Forests are the umbrella of our earth. They
work as a carbon sink. In 2010, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the
United Nations reported that each year between 2000 and 2010, 13 million
hectares of forests were converted to other uses.1Because of deforestation we
losses our forest and the whole planet is ultimately facing tremendous
environmental crisis. It’s both quantitative and qualitative loss. States are
now motivated by the national development goals which provokes them to
‘economize’ nature. But the fact is that by destroying nature they can only
fulfill their short term goals. But in contrast forest resource can ensure long
term sustainable economic benefits. Deforestation is responsible for rising
earth’s temperature. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion tons of
carbon-di-oxide are released to the atmosphere due to deforestation.2The rates of Deforestation
in developing states is much higher than developed one’s. There have so many
reasons of deforestation in developing countries. The reasons can be direct or
indirect but relates with each other. Deforestation plays crucial role in
climate change. Forests balance the amount of carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere
and absorb greenhouse gases. It is estimated that forest loss is responsible
for 12 to 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.3By returning water vapor in
atmosphere they play vital role in water cycle and prevent soil erosion.


The main purpose of this term paper is to answer the
question what are the causes of tropical deforestation and how they contribute
to climate change? This paper is literature review based and secondary data is
used as a main source of information. The paper is organized as follows; the first
section provides some initial information about tropical deforestation and
analyze the causes of deforestation with examples. The effects of deforestation
on climate change also discussed here. In second section Indonesian Rain forest
is represented as a case. As we already know that Indonesia is a South Asian
developing country and the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Due to
rapid deforestation its current annual forest losses 6,850 km according to FAO,
51 and almost twice as high accordingto a study by the University of Maryland
palm plantation and illegal logging is the main cause of Indonesian Rain Forest
destruction. Rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth also
plays crucial role with those factor. Then, the summary and conclusion is given
in the last section.

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