For years modifications of any sort were

For years modifications of any sort were frowned upon, however over the years it has become
the norm. Many have a tattoo or two, multiple piercings in the ears, nose or eyebrow. Over time with
anything just enough isn’t enough. Which leads me to my point how much is enough and when is it too
much? Well for many who study certain religion say any alterations to how you were originally created
is not acceptable, to others they may feel my body, my choice but when is it too much? And who should
make that determination? Are there body modifications that should never be acceptable? I will only
deal with the more common body modifications based on there are so many. I feel everyone should
withhold the freedom to modify their body based on their preferences, however if it is something that
potentially will offend another is where I believe it can become controversial. The reason I say everyone
should have the freedom to express themselves is because we live in a freedom of speech world body
modification is freedom.


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