For to crush the independence of women.

For tens of thousands of years, women have been treated with equality, even in quite a few civilizations, took more of a leadership role in the day-to-day lives of the people in their country.

There has been a myth in the past few centuries that has grown into full blown inequality that women are not as good as men are at everything besides having babies. It is so important to note that much of the world has changed the way it thinks about how women have a place in our lives only recently, meaning in just the last few thousand years, in our over 40,000-year existence. What caused the change in the social structure? How did men create a world where they are the leaders? There are so many answers to these questions, but regardless of which answer a person may focus on, the fact remains that inequality is not being tolerated anymore. The progressive movement in Europe, which has been gaining much traction for several decades, has finally made its way over to the U.S., as women have begun to disrupt the status quo of the social hierarchy. What Problems Do Women Face in American Society?The common belief, especially among traditionalists, is that women have a “place”, and that they need to have babies, stay at home, cook dinner, clean the house, do the laundry, take care of the kids, and obey their husbands no matter what.

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This type of lifestyle is mostly associated with religion. Religious leaders empower men to crush the independence of women. They are threatened with punishment, mental abuse, and even physical abuse in extreme cases.

People who live traditional lifestyles often raise their children to abide by certain expectations, like being loyal to their family and faith, no matter what, when they become adults, they will find a man to marry, and then to have as many babies as possible, which she does not get an opinion about. The workplace in American industry is biased towards men. The numbers vary, but women make about $.70-. $75 for every dollar a man makes.

This has to do with women being passed up for jobs, even though they may be more qualified, or being passed up for promotions at their current employment. Not only do they make less money on average, but they also have to deal with men harassing them in the workplace. It is far too common for a woman to be harassed by her boss or co-workers, which has prompted the incredible #METOO movement. Several Hollywood stars have recently been accused, their careers have been ruined, because women have been empowered to speak up against sexual assault and sexual misconduct in the workplace. All over social media, women have been coming together, having something in common, they have posted #METOO, to tell everyone that they too have been subjected to these heinous crimes.

Women are also ridiculed and criticized for things that are acceptable for a man to do. This has been the case for centuries though. Women in The Dark Ages in England would have body parts cut off if they were caught cheating, but men could visit the brothels, which were located in prominent parts of town, because it was a large industry.

There are thousands, if not millions of untold individual stories through the ages about how women were persecuted, oppressed, and were thought of as property. It was not until just several decades ago that women were allowed to vote. Their opinions did not matter. How Can Men and Women Alike Empower Females?Any man in a woman’s life, no matter what role they play, need to encourage women to do the same things as men do and more. Women are now fighting in our wars when, so many young men do not have the courage to sign up. That kind of bravery needs to be celebrated, not shrugged off in disbelief, or saying that they do not belong there.

Everyone of age should have a right to defend our democracy, and so many women have stepped up and did just that, albeit for reasons that no one agrees with, but they still answered the call. Women have been leading industries, technology, science, and religion, and everyone was surprised that they could do what men could! If you have a daughter, encourage her to be a strong, independent woman. Teach her that she does not need a man to survive while also teaching her that she can love anyone she chooses, because love is not sexist or racist. Make sure that you encourage the women in your life to stand up for themselves, do not baby them or think that women are fragile dolls, so they can be the strong leader that this world needs them to be. All in All…The way that people learn what the right way to look at the world is starts in the home. As early as a child can speak, understand, and interact with others, parents need to be preaching equality among males and females. Parents need to teach their sons how to treat women as their equals, and they too will teach their children, and soon the world will be a place where women are given an equal, fighting chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

We will live in a world where women are not objectified because of the overreaching male libido. What needs to happen now is people need to come to an understanding. The justice system needs to properly prosecute sexual offenders of women, not just giving them six months in jail when they violently rape a woman, for which they only spend three months in, and they just get out and do it again. Everyone, leaders, government, elected officials, yes, even the President, needs to understand that women are mighty, and that they should be viewed as equals under physical law, religious law, and moral law, from this day, forward.


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