For to many destructive problems that put

For the longest time, poverty in the Philippines has been a hindrance for the country in achieving economic growth. Poverty is the foundational problem of all other problems concerning labor, health, education, crime, etc.

hence the reduction of this must be the main focus of the science and technology in the Philippines because it is a need to prioritize a problem that primarily branches out to many destructive problems that put the welfare of Filipinos at stake. One indicator of poverty is income inadequacy. S&T provides people additional sources of income. Since the poorest of the poor are the farmers and fishermen, the innovations in fields of agriculture will be of help in alleviating poverty– enabling the poor to have access to education, electricity, food, etc. which will imply an improvement in the economy.

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Furthermore, poverty must be the first priority of S&T in the Philippines because nowadays, the solution of some people to this is illegal. Committing crime such as drug trafficking must not be an excuse for poverty because it is illegal. Therefore if the S&T will not give much focus in providing people for a more reasonable and alternative source of income, nothing else will. Crime rates will abruptly increase which wouldn’t build a good image of the country.

In the aspect of health, most poor Filipinos suffer from poverty-related health conditions because of lack in proper health care, malnutrition, hunger, etc. If there would be a constant increase in the rate of illnesses due to poverty, it’d be a serious concern of the nation implying that hospital improvements are needed. Since S&T can provide more reliable medical devices and equipment that are utilized in treating medical conditions, it is just fair to invest onto this case because this concern is likely of dictating the state of the country also. Mentioned are just few of the reasons why poverty must be the first priority of PH’s S;T.

The bottomline is that the S;T should invest first for the people because if their economic status enhances, so will the country.


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