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For over six years now crime in Jamaica as increased significantly, Jamaica which has a population of over 2.5 million people which is in the Caribbean which is well known for its white sandy beaches. Jamaica faces many problems on a yearly basis, but the increase of crime and violence is ranked at number one. In the year of 2011 the country was listed in the top ten countries which had a high percentage of crime and violence in a report by the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development. Jamaica has turned for its worst over the past few years.

The local newspapers and televisions stations are packed each day with stories of shootings, murders, kidnapping, robberies, imputes among the two parties and Scamming which has taken over the western parishes of the country. There are several factors which may contribute to crime and violence in Jamaica. These factors include lack of education, poverty, lack of jobs, poor justice system and improper methods of dealing with conflicts, abuse that are influenced in the homes and the list goes on. Firstly, the lack of jobs in the country is a primary factor to crime and violence in our country.

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There are thousands of youngsters upon graduating from high school with five or more CXCs and still can’t find any jobs so many of them turn to crime and violence to sustain themselves just to survive and the youngsters who have no qualification are and fail in getting a job are approached by gangs which recruit them to carry their wrong doings which makes them menace to society at large. In Jamaica as a youngster if he or she has no form of qualification nowhere will want to accommodate them so they think their only way out is to tur to felonies such as drug sale especially marijuana and robberies. And If they were asked why they did all that they would say just to make a living to survive and yes there are many situations were children whose parents that are out of their jobs, sell drugs to make money for their children tuition for higher education.Another primary factor of crime and violence in the Jamaican society is poverty it a known that many families living in the country is are poor. In most of these families in Jamaica there is usually a single parent. In most of these cases it is usually a mother who as to take on the role of a mother and a father just to ensure that their children a given an education mean while the child or children father is not doing is part in caring for them. It is definitely a fact that persons who are poor tend to have more children than others who are middle class.

We see single parents with seven or even more children at times. We see these parents in the newspapers and on the television asking for help in any way they can get it doesn’t matter if it is food or money because they want their children to attend school to gain an education. These parents are not able to provide their children with proper shelter and they miss out a lot from school children from this type of environment may turn out uneducated and may never get a job.Thirdly lack of education in our country is a primary contributing factor to the level of crime and violence in our society. It is said that a “Good education will never decay” everyone has to agree that education is the way to go. Many of the youths in society have to drop out of school due to several reasons many aren’t able to pay the high school fees, buying the books are even to make a single uniform to attend school. Some of these children have to stay home and look after their little siblings are even their sick parents.

Also over the years’ girls in their teenage years tend to get pregnant in school so they have to leave school to look a job to provide for their selves and young child. Others say that school just not working out for them and they choose to drop out from school with gaining a high school education, without any training or proper training which would equip them for the working world. It is almost impossible for them to get a job due to how the economy is now. Them being uneducated and not being able to find a job many of these youngsters will turn to crime and violence to survive.The fourth primary factor that contribute to crime and violence in Jamaica is abuse in the home if children aren’t shown love from home and been abuse he or she will have trust issues later in life. Children who are exposed to violence in the home are liked to do the same thing to their children there’s a saying” Children live what they learn” when. A child is abuse at home they go to school and take out their anger on other students even the teachers do to the treatment they experience at home. Somme parents that abuse their children at home even introduce they children to violence this is real as it gets.

Every child is the product of their environment. Children who are exposed to abuse at early age can change but it would be difficult for them and if these children want to change their lifestyle actor factor can hinder them from doing so as lack of resources. The children should not be blamed for turning to crime and violence but instead the parent should be hold accounted for it. In a child involving in criminals it may be that they are crying out for help. Fifthly the country justice system is a primary factor which has contributed to crime and violence. As law abiding citizens we are seeing where person who are suspected in committing criminal activities are held in prison for several months or up to a year still waiting for their trail. Many of the criminals are not convicted and are left to on the streets were they continue to carry out illegal activities. One must understand that people will want justice want justice for crimes that was done to them and even their one ones.

It is more than heart breaking to see a person who has committed a serious crime like murder roaming the streets freely paying no penalty for their crime. And of course many would stop have hope in the justice system because they would have gotten justice for their love one so they take matters in their own hands which is carrying out revenge on the person who had done their love one wrong.In addition, the influence of Dancehall music is definitely a primary contributor to crime and violence in our society. The music in Jamaica has become so violent over the years and surely it has a negative influence on the youths. The youngster in today’s society look up to the Jamaican Dancehall artist and they do imitate their behaviours. Not bashing any artist but the violent videos done by the dancehall artist Masicka is one of many. The music videos done by him cannot be viewed on public television due to the violent graphics and his song have to be edited before it can be played on the radio. If anyone wants to view his music videos they have to visit social media sites such as YouTube to do so.

The final primary contributing factor of crime and violence in our country is the ineffective approaches of dealing with conflict. It is not supersizing that many of the citizens does not know how to find a solution to resolve their problems that they are encountering us as Jamaican if we feel threatened by someone we want to get back at them. It is indeed a fact that us a nation does not like to sit and talk about our problem violence is used as the first option. When this happens many are injured and even lose their life’s because of a simple miss understating.


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