For most of its history internal audit has served as a simple administrative procedure comprised mainly of checking documents, counting assets, and reporting to Board of Directors, Management or External Auditors.

In recent times, however, a combination of different forces has led to a quiet revolution of the profession. Organizations have to demonstrate accountability in the use of shareholders money and efficiency in the delivery of services. Organizations now demand great competency and professionalism from internal audit, and scarce resources must be deployed more efficiently to minimize and manage risks. Technological advancement makes it possible to track and analyse data with continually increasing speed thus making it essential for organizations to be well advised by the internal audit department.

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Internal audit varies from one organization to another, and making change to modern internal audit can be a substantial undertaking. The transition from merely ensuring compliance with rules and regulations to truly delivering added value requires more than just organizational changes. In many bank institutions staff is poorly paid and unmotivated, ethical standards are weak, and governance practices are ineffective leading to asset mismanagement (Ramamoorti, 2003).


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