For learn and experience new cultures from friends,

For the longest time, myself being indoctrinated in the Christian faith I believed in fate, that our choices are preordained by God.  For a great time of my childhood, i spend as a Christian,  and humbly taking in the teaching of god without question. If any doubts submerged, I simple shoved them in the back of head ignoring them, Mainly through the fear of hell. This cycle continued of the teachings providing questions and answering them. However, the gaps started to form as I got older and more or less began thinking more critical and my bubble kind of grew.

I began to learn and experience new cultures from friends, family, and strangers precisely how they were different from me. In my time and day technology like internet hold vast knowledge, so a lot of the internet resources confirmed many of my itching notions, and led me to the point of seeing flaws in my religion. To sum it up determinism took a whole new meaning to me. Much like David Hume’s philosophy on the law of causation establishes ” that everything that happens must have a cause.” He explained that th expectations of one thing following after another doesn’t lie in the things themselves, but in our mind. I believe this is to be true because our brain operates at a complex molecular level, that even today’s technology isn’t fully able to grasp.

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Every single second that you’re alive your making decisions left and right, some even unconsciously. Whether to breath, blind, cross a street, look at someone, or just walking there’s always this mind and body interaction of choice. To say that every interkit part of that macrocosm is driven by a God, is just pure absurdity to me. I think the only factor that seems to control our lives is time itself. How it’s always continuously moving forward never back, so once a choice is made then it’s done. Some might say that this idea plays along with fate, but no, as humans we then have the mental capacity to learn, reason, and reflect on the past. If one chooses to do so they can change a decision from a previously similar situation to please themselves. So in conclusion I believe that free will govern of very existence as human, and allows us to make decisions dependent upon our experiences.



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