Football, because most football players are injured in

Football, The Sport Many People Know and Love
By: Keigan Riley

Although football is a popular and exciting sport, it has been known to inflict serious injuries among its players. For example, due to many concussions during football, players can obtain severe brain injuries. Because of that, many players can be disabled or even killed, ending their career, and leaving them to live their life with disappointment. These injuries can also lead to a bad reputation among players. That is why studies show that football can have negative effects on lives.

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Football can negatively affect your life;source 1. For example, A.J Long was a quarterback. But after 3 consecutive concussions. He was banned from playing football, as his doctor said he could not play anymore. This happened because most football players are injured in the brain, due to the extreme amount of concussions one might obtain over there football career. The author states that there has been “11 recorded deaths in 2015,” due to football.

Football can negatively affect your life; source 2. For example, Rob Gronkowski was also badly injured. Sadly, he obtained a concussion. According to the passage, Rob Gronkowski was a quarterback playing for the New England Patriots. According the the passage, he was opposing the team in Jacksonville.

Football can negatively affect your life; source 3. The author states, Rashad Johnson was another victim of football. This is true because the text states that “the very top of his middle finger was severed.” The reader can infer that Rashad Johnson was playing for The Cardinals against The Vikings. The passage never states what part of the field he played, but he went to the sidelines after a “punt return.”

All these examples support why I think Football can negatively affect your life.



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