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Food & Culture Assessment 1:Letter of Support1460859199517000Hawker Centres are open air areas, where many food stalls sell inexpensive foods of different cultures. It is a place with food choice for anyone.

Hawker centres have been part of Singaporean Culture since the early 1950s, with roots from street food hawker. They were first built to house Street hawkers, to provide a more hygienic environment, and a proper licensed area for the hawkers to run their business. The hawker culture has evolved significantly since then, with more modern hawker centres being developed. “Today, there are more than 110 hawker centres across the island.

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An additional 13 more hawker centres will be developed by 2027.” (“Hawker Culture in Singapore.” Heritage Plan, 2018).

Family eating at Hawker Centre culture is an essential part of our Singaporean culture, as it is the most common place where most Singaporean go to get their meals. There are many Classic Singaporean dishes that can be conveniently obtain from hawker centres for affordable prices, which includes: Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Carrot Cake, etc… It is a place where people can gather and interact and bond over their meals. Hawker Centres are fast paced environment, hawkers must keep up with the demand of the customers. The hawkers have mastered their craft at cooking the specific cuisine that they expertise with. They are passing on their knowledge to the successors, ensuring the tradition to be pass on to the future generation. However, nowadays we seldom see young and new hawkers, as hawker job is usually frown upon as tough job, and many younger generations find it difficult to take on the challenge.

center000Noodle Story’s Gwern and Ben are some of the few young hawkers favourite dish to get from the hawker centres is the chicken rice. It is an affordable dish which you can get from many different hawker centres, and there are many variations of the dish. There are Roasted, Steam, Soya Chicken rice. Each Variation is unique from the rest. One of my fondest memory of eating at a hawker centre is when my family orders a plate of chicken, and we share the meal and feast on the delicious steam chicken.0-278800 Steam and Roasted Chicken Ricehttps://en.wikipedia.

org/wiki/Hainanese_chicken_rice#/media/File:Hainanese_Chicken_Rice.jpg the nomination of the Culture Heritage, we will be able to preserve the hawker culture, and promote more newer generation to take up the challenge and continue the tradition of becoming a hawker.

Hawker Culture is important to Singaporeans, as it is an integral culture to our lifestyle, we eat most of our meals at hawker centres, and we know which hawker have the best foods. Hawker Culture is also the focal point where people can interact and bond over meals. It is part of Singaporean identity, as it promotes our multiculturism, with many different types of foods.399 WordsReferencesHawker Culture in Singapore. (2018) Mentions – The UrbanWire. (2014, September 19). Young Hawker Food Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You. (2016, November 06)

org/wiki/Hainanese_chicken_rice Han, K. (2018, July 02). Is this the end of Singapore’s hawker culture?


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