Food eating is in one’s accurate consciousness

Food defined: eat for pleasure Do you everwonder where the food we eat comes from nowadays, what is food made of? Does itcome from nature? Or is made in a lab by science? Do we eat for pleasure? The waywe eat has something to do with our culture and beliefs? Food is any substancethat contains vitamins and nutrients, food is composed of many differentchemical substances ‘macro nutrients'(major nutritional components that arepresent in relative large amounts, such as protein),’micro nutrients'(majornutritional components that are present in relatively small amounts, such asvitamins);water, and roughage(dietary fiber).

many other components can also bepresent in applying their findings, they are responsible for developingthe safe, nutritious in food and innovative packing that line supermarketshelves everywhere, as the stewards of the field of food. Scientist study the physical,microbiological, and chemical makeup of food, their study certainly providesfood for thought more example sentences their comments helped us to clarify ourarguments and provide some food, finally these terms give us a workingdefinition and standard for measurement. A significant part of the pleasure of eatingis in one’s accurate consciousness of their lives, “eating is an agricultural act,eating ends the annual drama of the food economy that begins with planting and birth.Most eaters however, are no longer aware that this is true” (Wendell berry).We buy whatwe want or what we are been persuading to want, through the advertisements,food products comprised the largest category of all advertisements to childrenin virtually all countries. In addition, as food companies begin to implementchild-targeted campaigns to promote” healthy” food consumption, it will benecessary to compare the efficacy of taste versus nutrition messages, and thosethat encourage lower consumption of unhealthy foods on overall diet outcomes.

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Just eatwhat our great-grandmother ate, because at this point even our mother andperhaps even our grandmother is disconcerted as the rest of us, to be safe weneed to go back at least a several generations, to a time before the arrival ormost modern foods.(john yudkin, a British nutritionist whose early alarms aboutthe dangers or refined carbohydrates were overlooked in the 1960s and 1970s,once advised, “just do not eat anything your Neolithic ancestors would not haverecognized and you’ll be ok”(Michael pollan),I am not going to go into a hugediscussion on eating organically. Eat like your great grandparents and improveyour health; sounds crazy but it is true! You might think that in modern 21stcentury our food would be superior to what your great or great-greatgrandparents ate. But I would disagree. Stop eating pre-meals and thinkingbecause it is marked “natural” and that you are doing good, studies show theycan increase gain weight, diabetes, heart disease and the whole list ofmedicals conditions even allergies, get yourself educate on GMos and theirhealth risks we should embrace our heritage through our culture’s food but weshould also become more informed about other cultures by trying their foods.itis also operates as an expression of cultural identity, it is important toremember that each dish has a special place in the culture to a which itbelongs, and is special to whose who prepare it. Manycultures have diversified their food by means of preparation, cooking methods,and manufacturing, food is an important part of religious adherence andspiritual rituals for many convictions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam,Hinduism and Buddhism the role of food in cultural rituals and in religiousbeliefs is a complex topic For example, in the Hindu Buddhist, Jewish, andMuslims religions the consumption of both pork and beef is frowned upon, theymay need to find ways to slightly change their recipes to keep the taste andcut the fat, sugar and salt, without giving up in their culture’s special foods.In this lessonwe’ll learn what industrial  food chain is,Industrialfood chain is a diagram showing how food is transferred in our food industry,choosing fresh, local produce and meat can have a positive impact on both livesof animals and humans.

Plants are the basics for all food chains, not just theindustrial food chain. Plants create their own energy from the sun and areknown as producer, in the industrial food chain, farmer tend to massive cropsof land, often with only one crop grown through monoculture efficiency of thefield often is maximized through irrigation and use of fertilizers andpesticides. Many of the farmers plant soy bean, wheat and corn, are used to feedprimary consumers, planting single crops can rob the soil of important nutrients.Meat is one of the biggest and most controversial industries in America and animportant part of the industrial food chain. Fast food joints are notorious forsupplying farmed meat at low a low price, as well as other portions of the mealinfused with excess sugar derived from industrially-farmed crops.

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