Food products (Friis, 2012). Lack of supervision

Food RecallsNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Food RecallsA food recall involves the process of removing unsafe food from the market and stops the distribution of these foods for sale or consumption.

This process is undertaken to ensure the safety of the public, which is a public health intervention (Friis, 2012). in association with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides information to the citizens of the United States on food recalls as well as any alerts on food illnesses outbreaks (Friis, 2012). A food recall is undertaken when there is information and evidence of harmful food products, which may be believed to cause harm to the consumers of the products (Friis, 2012). Food recalls contribute to the safety of the nation’s food supply by creating awareness to both the manufactures as well as the consumers of the food products on the importance of ensuring the safety of food products (Friis, 2012). Lack of supervision on food products will lead to complacency, which will result in a reduction on the required food safety standards.

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These standards are aimed at ensuring that manufactured food is safe for consumption and does not negatively affect the consumers of the food items (Moyers, Koukel, ; New Mexico State University, 2013). Food recalls will ensure a reduction on mistakes, which might be neglected due to lack of consequences on the companies, which produce food items (Moyers, Koukel, ; New Mexico State University, 2013). Some of the mistakes due to negligence may lead to a serious number of illnesses or even death to the consumers of the certain food products if adequate food safety measures are not implemented. One of the strengths of the food recall process is addressing some of the food borne illnesses outbreaks, which may be attributed to certain unsafe food products in the market (Moyers, Koukel, ; New Mexico State University, 2013). This issue has been a problem in the United States but with the food recall process, this has been addressed with measures also implemented to address imported food which foreign companies may take advantage to import unsafe food products (Moyers, Koukel, ; New Mexico State University, 2013).

A weakness of the food recall process is the long time and process taken in recalling a food product, which may be too late with the negative effect having affected a large population. The agencies responsible should ensure that this process is implemented in a timely manner and prevent unsafe food from reaching the consumers at an appropriate level (Moyers, Koukel, ; New Mexico State University, 2013). ReferencesFriis, R. H. (2012). Essentials of environmental health. Burlington, MA: Jones ; Bartlett Learning.Moyers, C.

, Koukel, S., ; New Mexico State University. (2013). Food recalls and alerts: What you should know. Las Cruces, N.M: New Mexico State University, Cooperative Extension Service.


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