Food countries around the world including Malaysia.

Food is a basic necessity for humans. Without food, a human cannot survive because it supplies the energy and nutrients that required by human bodies. Lack of food supply led to the food crisis. Food crisis becomes an important issue that faced by most of the countries around the world including Malaysia. The issue of food crisis is not a trivial issue that should be left out as it is an issue that will lead to food security. Nowadays, food security issue is getting more attention in Malaysia. Due to the overgrowing population in Malaysia, food security issue arises and caused the nation food production become unbalanced.

Basically, every country big struggle is to provide a continuous supply of foods in order to match the demands especially poorer country. Unfortunately, the number of population growth in Malaysia was rises more than the number of foods produced and this will lead to the high demand for the foods. As known, Malaysia is one of the countries where food self-sufficiency is decreasing, year by year. Generally, food security is not only related to the supply of foods and the demand of foods, but food security also refers to the food that are nutritious, safe, clean and halal. According to Thomas Malthus which is a British economist, he predicted that after a certain period of time, our food supply, which is projected by using an increasingly linear graphs could not match the rapidly growing population over the time. In fact, the theory of Malthus technically unreliable because of population growth in the world today is not growing exponentially and not constantly supplied food to match the demand.

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Moreover, food security is achieved if the population in Malaysia get enough nutritious food at all times. The food must be clean and not harmful to the consumer.Besides that, food security is very important to make sure that the country has a stable condition in their economy and also given benefits for their netizen. That’s why to ensure that the food security in a stable condition, the responsibility of everyone whether household, farmer, private institution and especially government institutions is very important. Precautionary actions is needed in order to avoid food security issue become more serious and worse.

For example, to maintain the food security in Malaysia, a combination of domestic production and import will be made such as coconut and rice. Meanwhile, in other countries like Brunei and Singapore, they only rely on imported foods because they do not have the ability to produce food domestically but they have enough of foreign exchange to pay for the import. If there are unpredictable things happening in Malaysia, food security for agriculture production is important to ensure that Malaysia has enough food. This food crisis requires immediate action and decision and precautionary measures to ensure food is available for Malaysian citizen.

Therefore, government institution plays an important role in helping securing the food security in Malaysia and has an effective marketing plan to overcome the problem due to the impact because rising food import will result in a reduction in exchange earnings such as the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA).Next, in Malaysia, there are some policies related to food security and these policies to ensure that food security is assured. The elements to determine the food security are GMP and HACCP. These two elements emphasize the process of creating clean, healthy and safe food.

While, in Islam, halal is an important element that ensure the food security. Other than that, Malaysia food security based on agriculture will be emphasized by the government in order to ensure the stability of food supply and the availability of food at domestic level. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, agricultural activity increased the world’s food production at all times which is showing that the contribution of agriculture to the world food industry. Agriculture sector is an important sector for food security and the overall economic development of the country. In conclusion, food security is a concern in Malaysia as it is everywhere.

In Malaysia, the issue of food security, it is not effective and has a negative impact. This report aims to analyze and clarify the issues and challenges regarding food security issue and the importance of food security issue. Also, this report will identify the initiative that is currently being developed in Malaysia to overcome the issue of food security in future. Thus, this report will lead to the awareness of the importance of food security in a country.


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