Fondly Take dining places for instance; the

Fondly known as the City of Nizams, Hyderabad has come a long way in terms of its rapidly increasing cosmopolitan culture. Take dining places for instance; the Pearl City has turned into a food hub with eclectic varieties of restaurants all over the place. Apart from satisfying your appetite with lip-smacking dishes, these eateries will also make you go ‘Aww’ with their distinctive styles of ambience.

Presently, themed-based restaurants with retro, historical, nostalgic, surreal, trendy & offbeat decor are ruling the rooster in the capital city by attracting the maximum foodies. We’ve rounded up a few of them that are pretty famous for their quirky environment & striking menu.    I.            Eatmor 70mm (Ohri’s)Ohri’s Jalavihar, Necklace RoadIf you’re a Bollywood freak, this place located along the Necklace Road is perfect for you. The interior of this restaurant is filled with posters of cult Hindi films from different eras and they instantly bring a gush of nostalgia over your favourite yesteryear actors like Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Nargis, etc.

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Serving awesome food with the right blend of spices and flavour, the dining experience at Eatmor 70mm is like going back to the days of Bobby, Amar Prem, Guide, Don, Coolie, etc. on a time machine. II.            The Beach HouseKavuri Hills Road, MadhapurWhat if you can relish a wholesome meal at the beach in Hyderabad? Well, as the name speaks, The Beach House is a beach-themed restaurant giving customers a cool vibe. Spread over two floors & covered with sand, the ground level boards an indoor area and the upper level accommodates an outdoor sitting area with a fascinating decor.Besides the beach theme that helps you to feel so relaxed, the place serves authentic seafood aside from the North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

With an affordable price tag to their name, the live music nights here are particularly enjoyable.  III.            Sahib Sindh SultanCity Center Mall, Road No 1, Banjara HillsThis train platform-themed restaurant is named after three locomotives (Sahib, Sindh and Sultan) that pulled the coaches of the first passenger train of Indian Railways. One half of the seating is on the platform, and the other half is inside the plush and alluring interiors of the train bogey.

Reflecting the rich past, the food served at Sahib Sindh Sultan too is an interesting mélange of cuisines like the North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai. This eatery with a vintage ambience also serves a great variety of Anglo-Indian dishes. IV.            Silver Metro (Ohri’s)Ohri’s Cuisine Court, BasheerbaghSimilar to Sahib Sindh Sultan, Silver Metro from Ohri’s is also a train-themed restaurant with a captivating ambience like no other in the twin cities.

The outside section appears like a platform and the inner part is like a typical compartment. The bright, stunning decor and the background sound of train whizzing through the tube, guarantees a fantastic experience at Silver Metro.Serving authentic dishes from North India, Continental and Mughal cuisine, Methi Chicken is the must-try dish in this underground eatery.

  V.            VillageInorbit Mall, Hitech CityVillage themed restaurant holds a typical village arrangement, culture and nerve-calming ambience to make customers feel the vibes of rural lifestyle. Situated amid the buzzing Hitech city, the place offers signature vegetarian dishes with authentic Indian spices in varied cuisines.Apart from the delicious food, you can chuckle at the humorous posters, experience fortune-telling by the astrologer, dine in caged cubicles, and explore the atmosphere similar to that in village melas.

This place should be included in your must-visit list right away. VI.            Gufaa (Ohri’s)Ohri’s Cuisine Court, BasheerbaghOhri’s never disappoints us when it comes to lip-smacking buffets and stunning themed eateries. Located right above the bright Silver Metro, Guffa appears like a cave amidst a forest with wildlife kind of decor and a lot of greenery.

The stone age-like interiors, dim lights, tiny waterfall and the irresistible aroma of dishes are simply superb and awesome.With waiters dressed as dacoits, the biryani served here is something to die for. The cuisines available in this tribal-type eatery are North Indian and Mughlai.VII.

           Serengeti (Ohri’s)Ohri’s Banjara, Banjara HillsThis jungle themed restaurant is the obvious favourite for families and kids due to its delectable dishes and fascinating ambience. Popular as the rainforest eatery, this place has waiters in hunters’ attire, jungle music playing in the background and mouth watering non-vegetarian food which is the forte.It is ideal for all foodies who are tired of sparkling, hustle-bustle and custom restaurants in the City of Nizams.If we’ve missed out on any, you’re welcome to mention them in the below comments box.


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