Folkman social support for instrumental reasons, restrain, suppression

Folkman (1984) propounded problem focused coping and emotion focused in their cognitive transactional model. Kariv and Heiman (2005) asserts that emotion oriented strategy, efforts are directed at changing or altering emotions and they include strategies to reframe the problem in such a way that it no longer brings a negative emotional response and elicits less stress. Emotional focused coping strategies include seeking social support for emotional reasons, positive reinterpretation and growth, acceptance ,turning to religion, focus and venting of emotions whilst problem focused coping strategies include active coping, planning, seeking social support for instrumental reasons, restrain, suppression of competing activities and reframing.

In a study of employees affected by burnout, those with greater positive affect were more likely to use, emotion focused coping strategies such as instrumental support to cope with burnout (Vardi and Weitz, 2003). Those who used emotion-focused strategies because of burnout were more likely to experience thoughts of being absent or quitting the job and those who used venting were more likely to experience negative attitudes toward the employer or the organization.

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