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Five Guys founder JerryMurrell’s mother always told him, “If you can give a good haircut or if you canserve a good drink at a bar or if you can serve a good hamburger, you canalways make money in America.” (Fiveguys.

com) Five Guys is a famoushamburger take out in America specializing in serving hamburgers andcheeseburgers with high quality ingredients. The burger joint was famous in theWashington D.C. area for several years since 1986. The mother and fatheroffered great advice to the four brothers, “Start a business or go to college.”(Fiveguys.

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com) Thus,the business path was taken and Five Guys was born. Several business ideas wereattempted however they proven failure (Jerry Murrell, 2017). The family did notgive up and the first small burger joint was opened up in Northern Virginia.

Asthe business grew the family grew as well introducing another brother. Throughthe 1980’s and 1990’s the system of Five Guys was perfected. This allowed forfranchise opportunities to take place. In 18 months 300 franchise opportunitieswere sold (Jerry Murrell, 2017). In 2018, over 1,500 locations are openworldwide. Thus, Five Guys is an American success story for a small family business.Five Guys and The Reason Behind My SelectionI am familiar withthe rise of Starbucks and Chipotle because I have done many research projectson these companies. Consequently, I have researched the back story.

Therefore,I went with Five Guys because I wanted new knowledge and a new perspective on abusiness. Five Guys is a great business story because it is about a smallfamily operated the business that became successful in the franchise world ofAmerica. Thus, it was very informative and interesting to me to hear of FiveGuys start small and become the world known burger joint it is today.  Product Life Cycle of Five Guys              Five Guys isstretching to the maturity stage due to not introducing anything new to thebusiness model. Their business model, business strategy, and the in-houseprocess were perfected during the infancy stages and this is still beingincorporated to this day.

If nothing new is introduced then the company couldrisk becoming old and people may not see the burger joint as something new orexciting. The course of action of incorporating something new is essential toprogressing the company further.Original Concept of Large Corporation             The originalburger joint was started in Washington D.

C. in 1986. This was a family-ownedbusiness serving high-quality burgers. The burgers were hand rolled and afreezer was not used. The first step of growing the business was the opening ofthe burger joint in Virginia. People loved the idea; therefore, the businessopened up to franchise operations. The first 18 months the business went to 300locations. This spread worldwide.

Thus, gaining attention from the public andthe news. The company gained so much attention it now has over 1,500 locationsworldwide and is well-known by the public. The business plan of serving burgersthat are never frozen, of high-quality ingredients, and having a large varietyof toppings has shown successful for this small family-owned business. Now, Ilarge corporation.Keys to The Organizations Success and Similarities to Other Companies            The key to success for this organization wasperfecting the process from burger to customer. This includes where the burgersare bought from and how the burgers are cooked and served. This process wasperfected in the early stages of the business and then exploded with thefranchise potential.

Nailing the streamlined process from burger to customer isthe number one key to success for this company because it allowed for expansionand growth. Keeping things simple and not complicated allowed for progressionas well. Comparing to other companies like Starbucks or McDonalds, bothcompanies focused on the process of food to the customer. Without this, thequickness, quality, and money would not exist. Therefore, learning from thisshows that perfecting the process allows for growth and success.      


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