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Five FormalElements             Regardingthe line, Giotto uses curving lines in the foreground where the five prominentfigures are featured, mourning the crucifixion of Christ. The heavy linesof the figures of Mary Magdalene, Mary,and Christ complement the thin lines ofthe angelic figures in the background.            Regarding color,Giotto uses bright yellows and golds to show the haloes. The masses who arebeing kept back by Mary Magdalene are renderedin darker shades, which lends more importance to the scene of mourning in theforeground. Those who surround Christ arepainted in bright pastels, which point to their significance to thelife, death, and resurrection of Christ.             Texturally,since the painting is a fresco, presumably it has a sense of depth and realismbecause of the wet plaster technique used in this technique, and its size lends it a sense of overwhelming realism.

However, as the internet picture has no texture, it is indeterminate.             Regarding form, Giotto achieves a sense ofthree-dimensionality with his rendering of the rippling of the figures’ clothes, which also lends a senseof motion. The fuller forms in the foreground are mourning the loss of theSavior, and this is shoby Giotto’s use oflight and shadow, especially on the faces of the six notable figures. Regarding space, Giotto divides the painting into theheavenly and earthly by painting figures largerin the foreground and painting the angels in the background smaller.

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  Giotto’s use of the jagged wall divides foreground from background.   Three Aesthetic Responses            This is aninspiring painting because it depicts iconic figures who would have surroundedChrist after his crucifixion. The supernatural angelic realm can only be seenby the observer and gives the viewer some idea of how important this event washistorical to all humanity. It is larger than life and shows that a painting of atimeless event can endure the effects oftime.

Also, the art is meaningful beyond measure because of its context Christafter the Crucifixion and that this miraculous event signified the birth of oneof the world’s most influential religions. I believe this painting has lastingvalue, especially to Christians. It has lasting value because of its significance as a historical workof an era of Medieval Art.                            


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