First we shape the city , then

First we shape the city , then they shape us(GEHL , 2010)”If we look at the history of cities, we can see clearly that urban structures and planning influence human behavior and the ways in which cities operate .

” This explains the existence compact urban fabric of the medieval cities with their short distances, layout of main streets, public squares and market places functioned as center of trade and craftsmanship.There will always be a mutual influence between the city and the people. This connection between invitation and behavior can be seen in present condition of cities which are trying to solve the issue of growing traffic in our cities. “We can always find new ways to increase our car use , building a direct invitation to buy and drive more cars”.Finding new ways to use the space should be concern for as in cities modern urban planning which is used as problem solving exercise without understanding the core problem. Physical planning can greatly influence the activities and usage of city space.

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“If better city space is provided , use will increase.” The better the quality of spaces in cities the better it will be the quality of life.Present Problems of Urban Design(Trancik, 1986)Today designers and planners are faced with challenge of creating outdoor environment as collective, unifying frameworks for new development. Usually the effort become a cosmetic treatment that is poorly planned and designed for public use.

This happens due to the usual process development treating buildings and sites as isolated objects not considering a part of urban fabric of the city. There is no real understanding of human behavior or a human dimensional process in the decision taken, therefore what develops is a badly shaped anti-space unusable and unsafe creating voids in the city. “As professionals who permanently influence the urban environment, architects have a major accountability to meet the challenge of reshaping lost spaces that have emerged in every modern city”. “Designers of the physical environment have the unique training to address these critical problems of our day, and we can contribute significantly toward restructuring the outdoor space of the urban core. Lost spaces, underused and deteriorating , provide exceptional opportunities to reshape an urban center, so that it attracts people back”


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