“First good morning to all my teachers

“First of all I would like to say good morning to all my teachers and friends. I would like to say thank to my class teacher to give me this opportunity to speech in front of you at this great occasion. I would like to speech on women empowerment in India. As we gathered here to celebrate this occasion, I chose this topic to again raise this issue of gender inequality in front of you. The government and other private institutions are supporting women in the leadership positions in public sector. Leadership of women in the public sector is the key of development in the nation. Representing women in public sector is only the matter of justice however it needs to bring forward all the perspectives to make of women empowerment effective. Women and men both have unique and different experiences so both are important to bring influence into the decision making process. Equalising the rights of women and men in the society improves work quality and thus economic status of the nation.

Women empowerment is the key to strengthen their participation in the decision-making which is the most important key to socio-economic development. According to the data of research, it has been noted that empowering women acts as a potential which accelerates the economic growth and continue development. We should think about and need to discuss that how our cultural, traditional and social rules affect women leadership so that we all may break that. There is a social, cultural and home pressure on the women which acts as main issue to the gender equality. There is lots of pressure over women by the parents, society and they forced to be main caregiver and care taker of all family members. Such pressure in the society and home lowers down the career ambitions of women than men.

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According to the research, it has been found during the discussion to women at higher positions that they cannot share and discuss their role or work at home with family members or husbands. They feel uncomfortable to share their feelings with them about their senior leadership position. According to the survey of top 50 women leaders throughout the Asia, there are three main challenges to the rise of women in leadership in Asia “Constraints of Family Life”, “Organizational Policies and Practices that Favour Men over Women”, and “Cultural Barriers”.

Women leadership is restricted by the various social, cultural and political norms which need to be understood and addressed. First of all we need to address all the social inequalities hindering women’s advancement in order to change women situation in the society as well as nation. I would like to encourage my colleagues and friends gathered here to discuss this issue in their family and community to explore all the barriers restricting women advancement in order to enhance the women’s leadership in every area like men. Men too with women need to engage in all so


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