First, Orabase systems is an nice place to

First, I want to express my greatest thank to vinayand sravan who helped me in my internship. I would like to thank nina gionatti, Rich Mitchell andMeghan Brandow who approved my internship offer for fall-ii. My internship mainly focuses on learning relevantindustry languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Orabase systemsis an nice place to work. In the part of my internship I worked as a full-timevolunteer. As an engineering student I wish to make career in the field of ITIndustry and thus it’s very important I understand how technology is used, myexperience as an intern has helped me to understand how a technology can beused to build a product for the online service. Using different plugging forweb development and understanding the user experience is an additional andunique thing which has been added to my experience. Most importantly the ideaof internship has also opened the doors for the engineering students to learnsomething under the guidance of an experienced technical knowledge. Training DiscriptionTraining was focused on learning thebasics of web development using the technologies like HTML, CSS, Java Scriptand JQuery. Also a curriculum was followed in order of better understanding andlearning of  PHP.

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 The working environment at theorganization has helped me to understand the correct approach towards any givenproject. The understanding of technology’s used in day to day life is the primejob of an engineer and this what as intern we have been able to lean in theorganization. The Web development includes the information presented in a waythat is meets the right audience. The pages are developed in a way that it iseasy for the uses to navigate also the experience for using the web product isvery pleasing and the design is custom made for different service so that itcan be utilized effectively for communication.Though the school are equipped with all the resources but working on alive project helps to gain real time experience which is very helpful inhandling the project and dealing with the deadlines which are often very strictalso an important part of such activity is one learns about sharing the workwith college.

Working with experienced people helps me to gain good knowledgenot only in the subject but also some other aspects like Time Management,Communication skills etc.., 


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